Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Little Luna!


This weekend I spent some of the best money I have in a long time. ;-) I got this new to me double stroller on Craigslist. After the covers spent a few rounds in the washing mashine, and with a lot of oxyclean, it looks as good as new!

We have our big BOB double stroller - but it doesn't fit in the trunk of our car without me disassembling it (taking all the wheels off). So, everytime I went to use it, it would take forever to put it together and then take apart. So, I never used it...except for big stuff, like trips to Disneyland.

I also have a single Maclaren stroller- and I was using that for school drop-offs and pickups...but there was always a fight over who got to ride in it. If Paprika wanted to ride in it, then Ginger did, too. But if Paprika didn't want to ride, then Ginger would absolutely NOT ride in it. ;-)

It was driving me insane!


So, as you can see, Ginger made short work of making this "choo-choo" (what she calls strollers) her very own. She put Brown Puppy in there...and then back-up Brown Puppy (the one I found on Ebay in case Brown Puppy got lost) also had to ride.

I think I've mentioned it before, but Brown Puppy is a stuffed animal Mr. M. gave me when we were dating about 12 years ago, and it is Ginger's most beloved possession. Since they don't make this stuffed animal anymore, I found it on Ebay and planned on hiding it from her and only giving it to her if Brown Puppy went missing. But of course, she discovered it and now she needs both Brown Puppies! Ha!


So, now school drop-offs and pick-ups are much easier on me. I strap Ginger in and then Paprika sits next to her.


Now, none of the other kindergarten kids ride in a stroller to class. But Paprika really does not care. One thing I have noticed about Paprika is that she really does not care what anyone else thinks. Like at all.


We were worried that she might start picking up bad habits at school, but when I mentioned this to her OT, our therapist pointed out that Paprika has not picked up or modeled any of the other typical behaviors of her peers for the past three years of her schooling (stuff like their eating habits, etc.) why would she start now?


And it is so true. She really marches to the beat of her own drum. I always thought I would have a Hermione for a daughter...mostly because that's who I was until I was about 25 years old (obnoxiously so). But somehow I ended up with a Luna Lovegood. A true Luna Lovegood.

And I couldn't be happier about that. :-)


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Tracy said...

The same thing happened to us with my oldest's lovey! They're too smart for us!