Saturday, September 17, 2011

Can't Keep A Good Girl Down!


Thursday was a "minimum day" at Paprika's school. Basically, that means that all the PM and the AM kindergarten kids go at the same time because it's a half-day. So, that means roughly 40 kids in one classroom with no extra teachers. Because the AM kinder class is all boys, and Paprika's class is almost all boys, that meant there were going to be 36 boys and 4 girls in her teeny tiny classroom on Thursday, and we had to be there at 8am instead of our usual 11:30.

For my quiet Paprika who does not like crowds or noise, I knew that would be very very hard on her. Plus, the change in routine and the early start time would add to the disaster.

So, we decided to stay home for the day. But, by noon-time, we were all bouncing off the walls and needed to get out of the house. Ginger is thankfully doing a lot better now (knock on wood) and I am, too.

So, the girls and I decided a trip to the big Aquarium was in order. We're members, so it's low stakes. If we got there and decided to turn around and come home, it would be no biggie.


We arrived at the Aquarium and discovered that we were just about the only people there. There were no school groups, and it was so quiet you could almost hear an echo when you said something. Seriously cool!


They just opened some great new exhibits. They had a lot of California Jellyfish, and they are always so cool to see in person. Like living lava lamps!


The girls had the touch tanks to themselves. Ginger wanted so badly to touch all the sea critters by herself, and so her calves got a great workout from standing on tiptoe for much of the afternoon, peering into the tanks, and feeling the squishy sea cucumbers and prickly sea stars.


Paprika did a great job looking after Ginger while I lingered behind. At one point, Ginger ran off and hid from us, and that was a bit scary. After that, I put Ginger back in the stroller and told her she had lost walking privileges for the day! Luckily, that was towards the end of the day, so I think she was probably ready to sit down anyway! Ha!


We were all fascinated by the sea dragons. They are like seahorses, but oh, about a million times cooler:


The girls made friends with the sea lions. We even got to sit front row for the sea lion show (but I didn't get pictures). Of all the times I've taken the girls to the Aquarium, this was our first time catching the sea lion show, if you can believe it. It was neat watching the "sea dogs" do their tricks!


The sea lions are definitely my favorite part of the Aquarium. I just want to jump in there with them! I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one! ;-)


We stayed until about 5 o'clock, then headed home because we were getting ready for a special guest to mom flew in from Indiana! She is staying for two weeks, and it's been great having her here.

She watched the girls today (Friday) while I went to my OB visit (I will update about the appointment in another post). Dr. K even prescribed me some meds so hopefully I can get over being sick already! Yay!

I have to say, going to the Aquarium was just what I needed on Thursday. No crowds, a little sunshine, and a lot of fun. That is my chicken soup for the soul. ;-)



waikikimum said...

Stunning photos and glad you are feeling better.

Sheila said...

Don't you just love when a brilliant idea plays out perfectly?
Glad your Mom is in for a visit. Feel better soon.

Tracy said...

How do you get such great photos with the aquarium in the background? I turn off the flash and get decent photos of the tank, but only silhouettes of people.

Erika said...

Tracy- I turn off the flash and turn my ISO wayyyy up. So, I think for most of these shots I was shooting at ISO 1500 or 2000. That lets a lot of light in, and makes the people more in focus. It also helps to take photos in areas where it is better lit. Some of the areas of the aquarium are darker than others, so that can affect things, too! :-)

Tracy said...

Thanks! I figured you changed a setting, I just wasn't sure which one!