Saturday, September 24, 2011

I Am Not A Soccer Mom!


I think this is our third week of Fall swimming lessons. Over the summer, Paprika had swim lessons five days/week (M-F) for nine weeks of summer. Now that school's in session, it's a little different. She has a semi-private swim lesson (2 or 3 kids/teacher) Monday, Wednesday, and Friday...and then on Saturdays, she has a private swim lesson. So, now it is four days/week.

She loves it...understatement of the Century! :-)


I guess instead of becoming a soccer mom, I've become a swim mom...if such a thing even exists! Ha!

I am living at the pool lately, and it is kind of a chore to get everyone out the door and be there 4 days week (especially when we have so much else going on). is so worth it.


For Paprika, swimming has been soooo therapeutic for her. It is good for her gross motor coordination. It calms her mind and her body. The water in the pool provides a lot of great sensory feedback for her. The small group lessons are great for socialization. It's one of those sports where you really cannot fake it. Sink or swim. She is learning to keep trying and keep practicing, even when things are hard. We have really started to see such a transformation in Paprika since she started swimming on a regular basis.

I just can't say enough good things about it! Which is why, even today when it was drizzling rain at the pool (and we still had swim lessons), I wrapped myself in a towel and sat on the sidelines as she had her lesson. :-)

There's a part of me that wants to take swim lessons myself 4 days/week! How great would that be?! But that is being a mom, right?! :-) I'm just really grateful that Paprika has found something she loves to do that is so good for her, too!



Sheila said...

:) Yes, there is such a thing as a swim Mom (Debbie Phelps).

So happy for Paprika and you. Gives meaning to the phrase "Different strokes for different folks!"

mum2abby said...

YAY! I'm so glad she's loving swimming!!! We all can't be soccer Mom's - I'm a swim/gym Mom too!

IMHO -- swimming is SO important because its a life skill. If you don't know how to swim you can get yourself into a situation that you're not sure how to handle.

Brigit said...

Fantastic! We've had my 2&1/2 yr old (w/ACC, low tone, sensory issues) in aqua babies classes since she was 6 months. She mostly enjoys it, but she's starting to have trouble ... mostly when her ears are in the water and/or she's on her back. I'd hate to give up on it. Maybe she just needs a different type of swim class or more time in the water a week.
Did your daughter always love it? When did she start swimming?

Erika said...

Brigit- we did mommy & me swim when she was really little (about 7-12 months)...but then stopped. these swim lessons started when she was 4 years 10 months- so much older. It was a very slow start, but I think the daily activity was great and really helpful. Things are a little bit harder- but we just focus on the progress and so far it's great. But...she is 5, not 2 1/2. So, that probably makes a big difference. Still, I think it's worth it not to give up!!! :-)

siri said...

Glad she's loving her swim class! Cade is also a swim kid, it's his absolute favorite sport. I just got Deacon in the water as well and I'd be totally happy being a swim parent...until those early morning practices start in high school.....

Erin said...

That is so cool Erika! I love that we live in a place where our kids can take swim lessons all year long! A little rain is about as bad as it gets, right!? :)