Sunday, September 18, 2011

Two and a Quarter!


Ginger, you are now 2 years 3 months old! Your default position is On and only rarely do you hit Pause. ;-)

You are 100% sunshine, 100% love, 100% energy, 100% fun, and 100% troublemaker. Yes, I know that's 500%! You, my dear, are larger than life!


You talk like a 4 year old. There is nothing you can't say, and you are forever surprising people with your vocabularly. You still look like a baby because your hair is so short, so everyone assumes you'd be saying Goo-Goo Gaga. But then you bust out with "I don't need the stepstool to wash my hands. I can do it myself," and everyone takes a step back and says: Woah!


When we were at Urgent Care the other day, you surprised everyone by counting to 50 as you raced around the waiting room. I often get the question: How old is she????, with a look of disbelief.

You love to draw and paint, just like your big sister. Your favorite thing to paint right now is: fireworks! You remember the 4th of July fireworks and ask almost on a daily basis if we can go back and see them again. You remember everything!


You want to do everything yourself, and you want to do everything that Yaya and her friends are doing. You think you are a very grown up girl, even though I know you are still my baby. You are very opinionated on what you are going to wear, what you are going to eat, where you are going to sit, and of course, where you are going to sleep.

You think all of Yaya's friends are your friends, and don't understand why you can't do everything they are doing right now. You are in one big hurry to grow up, and I am doing my best to keep you close and protected because even though you think you're ready for everything, I know you are still so little!


Right now Yaya is taking swimming lessons 4 days/week, and it is so hard for you to watch her jump into the pool and swim without you. Everytime we go, you bring your swimsuit, goggles, and towel, and then get so upset when I have to hold you back. At our pool, you have to be 3 years old to take swimming lessons, and that is a long time to wait when you're 2 years 3 months. Next summer, you'll be in the pool with her, and I know before long, you'll be all caught up to her. That's how you are - whatever anyone is doing, you want to do it just as well or better.


You are still a snuggle-bug, and cling to your mama (me) quite often. I really don't mind it one bit. You are still very attached to nursing, and although I've been working on weaning you for awhile now, you just do not want to let that go. Because I am so pregnant, I have set some limits for you, and you seem okay with it.

You still want me to cuddle next to you when you fall asleep at night, and so most nights I end up holding you until you fall asleep in your bed. You always want to be with people, and you love your big sister, Yaya, so much. You love sharing a room with her because it means a nightly slumber party with your very best friend!


You have a big sense of humor, and know how to make us all laugh no matter what else is going on in the world.


Ginger, we love you so much and we are so blessed to have you in our lives. You have been such a gift and such a joy to our family, and we are so glad you are our daughter. You brought so much laughter and hope back into our family - and we are so grateful and thankful for you.

You make us so proud, and we love you to pieces.

Mommy (Daddy, and your sisters, too!)


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Sheila said...

Giggly, grinning, Ginger Bear is one in a million. Thanks for sharing this precious girl ;)