Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One Of Those Days!


(These pics were taken on my birthday...about a week ago...so not today, in case you're wondering!)

Ginger has been coughing off-and-on for about three weeks now. It seems to be getting worse, and I really think she gave her sickies to me. Well, today I just decided that her "cold" was not going away on its own, so after we dropped Paprika off at school, I took Ginger to the doctor.

Our pediatrician (who we love) is still across town. I didn't have time to go see him since I had to be back to pick Paprika up at school...so we went to the Urgent Care around the corner from school.

I'm not going to go into how dismissive and condescending the doctor was to me (okay, I guess I just did kind of go into it). But, basically, after I had been waiting an hour in the waiting room with my sick two year old (and did I mention that I'm sick and almost 8 months pregnant myself!), he told me that he thought she just had a cold and to put a humidifier in her room. Of course, I have been running a humidifier in her room for the past week! Genius!

I kept pushing the doctor and told him that I thought Ginger had pneumonia because her symptoms fit, and her two best friends (Riley and Peighton) have both been sick with pneumonia recently, and Grandma Pat was just diagnosed with pneumonia yesterday, and we have been spending a lot of time with Grandma Pat lately. The doctor said that exposure didn't matter (okay????) - but said that if I really wanted, then he would give Ginger a chest x-ray just to rule out pneumonia.

So, long story short, three chest x-rays later (Ginger was not a fan of the x-ray machine and I couldn't be in the room due to pregnancy, which made her even more upset)....she has pneumonia! The doctor was like, "Yea, so she has a lot of fluid in her right lung that leads me to believe that she has pneumonia. Possibly bronchitis, too, but definitely pneumonia."

Like he came up with that all on his own!

So, after I yanked his med school diploma off the wall, we headed to the Target pharmacy to get Ginger's prescription filled before we had to pick Paprika up at school. Little did I know that today was Missoni Day at Target.

What is that, you ask?

Well, I guess the designer Missoni came out with a line at Target and it crashed the website for the whole day (it is still down as we speak) and caused a veritable frenzy at the stores. There is an article about it here: Washington Post.

We got to Target, and there was nowhere to park. I had to cross about 12 football fields to get to the front door. Then when I finally put my prescription in, they said it would not be ready for almost an hour...which meant that I had to go pick up Paprika at school, drive all the way back to Target to fill the prescription with both kids...and find a parking space all over again! Not to mention fighting for parking at Paprika's school. I swear I feel like all I do is look for parking!

So, then we went to Paprika's school and I had to go to the bathroom. Went in the girl's bathroom (that was an experience!) and as I leaned up against the sink, I got water just in that spot that makes it look like you peed your pants. Awesome!

Then we all went back to Target, fought the Missoni shoppers for parking (it was worse than the day after Thanksgiving, I am serious!)- and grabbed the prescription. Got back in the car and neither one wanted to sit in the carseat, as Ginger only wanted to sit in whichever carseat that Paprika was currently occupying...and earlier in the day, Ginger spilled water over both carseats, so Paprika didn't want to sit in either carseat! Double meltdowns! Awesome!

On the way home, Ginger learned how to unlock the car door from the inside, and as we were driving on a very busy street (in LA, that means 8 lanes of traffic), Ginger decided to throw open the car door while I was driving. So, I slammed on the breaks, ran around and slammed the door shut (barefoot, I might add), and got back in the car. After talking to Devon, I realized that I am just about the only parent who doesn't know how to child-lock the car doors. I made a mental note to read the car manual before our next outing! ;-)

So, that was pretty much our day. That with a few more meltdowns sprinkled in! I wish I could have seen the doctor myself today, but there was only time for one of us to get checked out and I wanted it to be Ginger - so I am going to talk to Dr. K on Friday about me being sick at my next OB visit. I am pretty sure I have a more serious case of whatever Ginger has, which means that I most likely have pneumonia! I am not even sure what I can take for that being pregnant and all. Double awesome!

I know it sounds morbid, but all I kept thinking when we were waiting in the Urgent Care lobby for an hour, or fighting our way through Target, or when I was running barefoot through Los Angeles traffic was "No one died today. So, that's a good day!" And it was a good day - I just think if I wanted to repeat a day I might choose a different one! Ha! :-)



Devon said...

you have the BEST stories! and i am still laughing about ginger opening up the car door...lol!

hope today is quieter for you!

Sheila said...

Pheww! Today is Wednesday and I think you are over due for a Wonderful Wednesday. How about a coke float? The real mexican coca-cola! Refresco baby ;)
Hope all of you get to see the doctor and get over the pneumonia soon.

RB said...

hang in there mama! i feel your pain. HUG

The Campbells said...

oh Honey! So sorry to hear this. Antibiotics help with Pneumonia so probably amoxicillian. My eldest had pneumonia this summer and now my almost 3 year old was tested for Whopping Cough and we leave for Disney World Sunday. Hang in there and wish that bad luck fairy away. :)

Stephanie said...

Ug! Hang in there I have been there before...days when you feel like it has to be a joke and someone is going to jump out and say you are on candid camera...hope tomorrow is a better day!

FourJedis said...

I'm so sorry you guys are under the weather. Wow, pneumonia. That stinks. My sister (who is also pregnant) has been fighting it for a while now. :( I hope you guys are both feeling better and I'm glad you were able to talk some sense into that doc. You sound like me, seeking out medical help once you already know what you have!!

That's so scary about the car door. I quickly found the child lock after having a similar experience. Not fun!!

I'm glad you all survived the day between the doctor visit, the Target visit, and the car door incident! Yikes!

THAT'S Interesting said...

Ick! i'm so sorry you all are getting sick! :( That is nooo fun. i am sending a huge bunch of get well soon wishes. And I hope your last few days have been better. Emily

Tracy said...

Sam had a chest x-ray to diagnose pneumonia just 2 days after I found out I was pregnant with Caed. I didn't even think he was sick, he just had a fever for over a week. I felt awful when the doctor confirmed pneumonia.