Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Day Of K!


We did it! We made it through the first day of Kindergarten! :-) After me obsessing about it for the last six months, did you think it was ever going to get here? Ha!

Paprika really wanted to walk to school, so that's what we did! Mr. M came home from work, and the four of us made the trek together. Walking to school was actually the last thing I wanted to do (it hurts for me to walk at this point) - but I figured the vestibular movement and carrying the backpack (heavy lifting) would be really helpful to Paprika sensory-wise. Plus, it really made it so special, so it was worth the pain and agony! Ha!

The school is up a great big hill from us, which I had kinda forgotten about. It was like climbing a mountain and halfway through I wanted to lay down and die. Seriously.

I was holding Paprika's hand as we were walking up that great big giant hill, and all of a sudden she looked up at me with the most deadpan expression. She said: You know what I really wish I had? Wings!

I laughed so hard and agreed with her because it would have been so nice to fly to school!


We got there a few minutes early and waited outside her classroom. Ginger really thought that she was going to kindergarten, too. She even insisted on wearing a backpack. It's Paprika's preschool backpack, and what do you know, it fits Ginger perfectly. So, Paprika gave it to her as a little present.


The kids don't have cubbies- they just hang their backpacks on hooks. Paprika hung her backpack up, and Ginger insisted that she hang her backpack up right next to Paprika's. There was just no way around that! Paprika's is the blue one with birds, and Ginger's is the swirly pink one to the left...


Then, the teacher opened the door and ushered the kids inside and promptly (within 15 seconds) closed the door. We didn't even get to say goodbye! All the parents were shocked, but after I thought about it for a second, I understand why. They didn't want the parents getting all misty-eyed and crying and upsetting the kids. And really, this is who it's about, right? The kids...not the parents!

For about 20 seconds there, it was really chaotic, and Ginger was trying to get into the classroom as we were trying to say goodbye, and we lost track of her. It happened in an instant, and we could not find her to save our lives. Mr. M was running one way and I was running the other, and we both thought that she had probably run into the parking lot...and I was freaking out!

Well, it turns out that when she saw she couldn't go into Paprika's classroom that she figured she must be in a different classroom, and she had gone and lined up with a different kindergarten class. So, there she was just waiting in line like it was her first day! Ha!


Mr. M went back to work, and then I took Ginger home for a little lunch. Ginger laid her head down on the table and looked up at me with the most pitiful eyes, and said: I miss Yaya so much.

Me, too, Ginger.

We did some crafts together and read books, and before you know it, it was time to go get Paprika. Of course, I got to school early and peeked in the windows when no one was looking to see what was going on! Then, when Paprika got out, I grilled her for the next four hours about her day. Sorta. Not really. Okay, maybe just a little bit!

The things I found out were very interesting, and I will save that for my next blog post. Let's just say that there is never a dull moment around here lately!



Erin said...

Oh she looks absolutely darling on her first day! So happy it went well. Your girls remind me SO MUCH of mine! Addison was the same way when Ellie went. Wanted her own backpack and to do the exact same thing Ellie was doing. I think that is why Addison had such an easy time starting K this year - it's like she has kind of been doing it already by watching her sister! YOU look adorable btw Erika. I'm so impressed you walked to school! Super mom. :)

Sheila said...

What a wonderful start to her school year. She looks so happy and excited!
Glad you had Ginger Bear to ease you through the day.
I'm so glad you have a bit of one on one time with Ginger. She is growing up so fast. There is always one child who just seems to speed through their childhood mastering everything with such ease.

Mimi said...

Oh, she's adorable! As is Ginger!
So glad that all went well.

Mimi said...

Paprika is ADORABLE! Wings, ha ha!
So glad that it all went well.

Danielle said...

So cute! K also wore her backpack when taking Elle to school and was very sad she couldn't go to school with her.