Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You Say It's Your Birthday!

Today is my birthday! This is the 12th birthday I have spent with Mr. M, the 5th birthday I have celebrated with Paprika, and the 2nd birthday I have spent with Ginger.

It's also the first time I've been pregnant on my birthday!

I am now 30+ weeks pregnant, and in that stage of really just wanting to lay down and sleep for the next 8 weeks...and simultaneously freaking out about the fact that maybe, possibly...hopefully...a new baby will be joining our family in a short period of time.

And while I feel a little like this on my birthday:


I also kinda feel like this...just keeping it real! ;-) Yup, this pretty much sums up my life at the moment:


(both photos are from my new love, Pinterest!)

Speaking of Labor...our Labor Day weekend was interesting. ;-) (That was a good segue, was it not?)


On Saturday morning, Mr. M took the girls swimming.


Paprika is now 48 pounds (which might as well be 50). She also has low muscle tone (hypotonia), so she feels more like 100 pounds than 48.

Anyhoo- Paprika loves to be thrown in the pool, so Mr. M did it about a gazillion times and threw his back out. Majorly. He was in horrible, awful pain from Saturday until...well, I think he still is in pain!

But, it was worth it to make this girl happy...right?! (I think we're all still debating that.) Ha!


More on the weekend later, and my b-day, too! Paprika is at school right now, and Ginger is taking a nap. Which means, I get to pee all by myself! Oh, I can hardly stand the excitement!


Kim said...

Happy Birthday! Cute post:)

Devon said...

happy, happy birthday!!!

hope you got to pee alone - lol!

Alisha said...

Happy Birthday! Mine is coming up and the other day I thought, "All I want for my birthday is to take a shower by myself!" LOL