Friday, September 23, 2011

Clingy Baby!


Ever since my mom showed up, Ginger has become the clingiest girl ever. She wants me (and only me!) every second, and gets so scared that if I am even a few feet away from her, I might leave. She loves my long as I am holding her.

Whenever she walks a few feet ahead, she always looks back to make sure I am there.


I think Pavenzia's arrival is going to be big for Ginger. Paprika was so secure, and not jealous at all when Ginger came on the scene. I am guessing Ginger will be a little different with Pavenzia. Already, Ginger is saying, "Venzia will be big sister, and I will be baby sister."

She is nursing more than ever, and wants me to snuggle her every night to fall asleep. I think six weeks from now, her world is going to turn upside down, and will be interesting! :-)


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