Monday, September 12, 2011

Ahoy Ye Mateys!


On Saturday while I was home being sick, Mr. M took the girls up to Santa Barbara. Our friends' son turned 7 years old, and they threw a Pirate and Mermaid themed birthday party for him!

Mr. M took Paprika to the party and dropped Ginger off at Grandma Pat's house, since the party was right in the middle of Ginger's naptime and we knew she would be jumping off the walls at the party. That gave Grandma Pat and Ginger some good one-on-one time, and Mr. M got to enjoy the party with Paprika!

Needless to say, all the photos are of Paprika...since Ginger was at Grandma's house, and I was at home and well, Mr. M was taking the photos! :-) Mr. M dressed up in a GREAT pirate costume- the long hair really makes him look the part. Ha!

The party was so well-planned, not a detail was missed. Here is a picture of the cake. Can you believe that whole thing is edible?! Amazing!


There were crafts:


And Face Painting:


Paprika had a mermaid painted on her face (of course!):


Balloon animals...this is a pink poodle, in case you couldn't tell! I swear, it really does look like a dog from the right angle. ;-)


Paprika loved holding the macaws at the party. She is such an animal lover...


I would say the party was a great success! Mr. M had a wonderful time and got to talk to a bunch of people he hasn't seen in awhile. Ginger had a great time with Grandma, and I think Grandma had a great time with Ginger...

So, all's well that ends well. Ahoy Ye Maties!



THAT'S Interesting said...

Sounds like they had a fun time! Hope someone got a picture of Mr. M's get up! :) Are you feeling any better?

Sheila said...

Now that's a Party!