Wednesday, September 21, 2011

32 Weeks!

BABY 6 ultrasound 9-15-2011-800

It has been such an eventful week!

Last Friday, I had a routine OB appointment with Dr. K. We talked about how sick I've been (pneumonia), and after listening to my lungs, he prescribed some antibiotics. Yay!

He did an ultrasound of Pavenzia, and it was so great to see her. She is getting so big! On Friday, she was 4 pounds 12 oz., which means she's probably over 5 pounds by now. She looks so much like Paprika and Ginger in the profile. I was so excited to see her.

My mom is visiting for two weeks, and so she stayed home with the girls while I went to my appointment. I have to say, it sure is nice having Grammy here. She is kinda spoiling me! ;-)


Friday night, Mr. M and I went out on a date while my mom watched the girls. We had dinner at Katsu-Ya and had a great night out on the town. Just fun stuff. We got home at 11, and the girls (and my mom) were all asleep. We were amazed! We thought we'd come home to find everyone awake, but nope- they were all sound asleep!

Around 4am, I woke up really sick. Severe stomach pains, vomitting, and I could not feel Pavenzia move to save my life. After about three hours, I decided to wake up Mr. M and that we should go to the hospital. Honestly, the first thing I thought of was a placental abruption, which I don't have to tell you, is very bad.

We got to the hospital around 8am, and found out that I had a bacterial infection that causes pre-term labor. I got hooked up to some IV meds, and got cozy in my room at the hospital.

Mr. M had to go to work that morning even though it was a Sunday (especially since the DWTS premiere was on Monday!) - so we drove separately to the hospital, and once I was checked in, he left for work. I was feeling pretty miserable, laying there in the hosptial bed all by myself not sure if the baby was okay, if I was delivering, or what - and it didn't help when Mr. M on his way out the door reminded me to make sure to validate my parking (all the way across the hospital).

I was having some contractions, but nothing too regular. They did an ultrasound to check out my placenta and make sure everything was okay with the baby...and it was! So, after they gave me a bunch of meds, sent me home with more meds, and kept me there for a few hours for observation, I got to go home! And yes, I did remember to validate parking before I drove myself home. ;-)

On the way home, I stopped at the donut shop because while I was laying there alone in the hospital, all I could think of was donuts. So, I got myself some and some fresh squeezed orange juice...and ever since then, it is really all I can think about!

I have pretty much given up on watching my weight this pregnancy. If I have to be loaded on a freight scale upon delivery, so be it. The donuts were really good (and I've gotten them every day since). They're worth it!


The baby is laying on my spine, I think just about every second of the day. I have such severe backpain, I don't even know how to describe it. I just keep saying to myself...6 more weeks. 8 at the most. Most likely 6 more weeks!

Having my mom here has been so very helpful. She has watched the girls quite a lot for me, let Mr. M and I go on two date nights so far, and picked Paprika up from school twice when I had appointments to go to! I could get used to this!

Tomorrow Mr. M and I are going to go look at mini-vans, so we can actually transport this baby once she is born! ;-) My mom is watching the girls for us, which will be a huge help. I don't have to explain to you what a circus it would be to take Paprika and Ginger car shopping with us!


After my mom leaves, I am pretty much on my own until the end of October, when Grandma Pat comes for a few days around Halloween, and then my dad and Nancy are coming for two weeks starting on November 1st, which should get me through the delivery. Also, my friend Ann is coming for a few days in October, which will be so great...but I highly doubt it will be relaxing. We always try to squeeze every bit of fun out of every moment we are together, so I doubt I am going to get one millisecond of rest while she is here! ;-)

So, I guess I just have to skate from one week to the next, and hope this baby girl lays off my spine a little bit! That, and I know I can count on the donuts to pull me through. Ha!


noswimmers said...

Oh sweetie you couldn't look bad if you tried, you look amazing! The only weight I see is right on your belly, where it should be! :)
I am SO excited for all of you. The girls are going to be such great big sisters, I bet Ginger is SO excited.
Oh and your mom? 1. She's beautiful. 2. You look just like her!
Lots of love,

Devon said...

i SOOOO hope i can meet ann when she comes!!! i wanna squeeze in some fun with you two!!

Sheila said...

Glad all is well. I take it as a good sign that this baby will be easy going if she's craving carbs! You are all baby belly. I predict you'll be in your own clothes quickly. Glad your Mom is there to spoil you. She looks so happy to be there with you. Sorry for the back pain. Glad it's not in your legs too. 6 weeks are gonna fly by. Can't wait to meet "Baby Love". She is photogenic like her sisters.

Lauren said...

Wow, that was an eventful week. I am SO glad you and your sweet baby are okay after you little scare. I hate that you had to be there alone! Hang in there Momma, you are in the home stretch now! I can'w wait to see your beautiful girl!