Friday, September 9, 2011

Birthday Wrap-Up!


As I have made abundantly clear, this is my birthday week! I had big plans to celebrate all week long (and write lots of thank yous and call people back)...but unfortunately, on Tuesday-ish, I got struck with a tremendous bug. And I am so sick. (And 31 weeks pregnant on top of it).

Like barely able to function sick. Every day, I think I will feel better, but then I wake up and feel worse. The first few days I chalked it up to pregnancy-related stuff, but no more. No way. I can't remember ever feeling so bad.

Today I woke up not able to talk...well, I can eek out a few words but I sound like a 12 pack/day smoker. I am coughing like crazy and can barely breathe. Walking is difficult. And y'all know, there is no time off when you're a mom. So, I have still been taking Paprika to school, and fixing lunches, and cleaning up messes...all the while wishing I could just lay down and die (or at least just rest).


We are supposed to go to a party up in Santa Barbara that I have been looking forward to for a whole month. It's a mermaid/pirate party and I just know it's going to be fabulous. But, I can barely tie my shoes at the moment or breathe without coughing myself into a fit, so it looks like the family (who are all fine) will have to go without me.

Sigh. Do you feel a pity party coming on? I sure do! Ha!

This kind of reminds me when Mr. M went to the Emmy's two days after Paprika was born (and won). Although I loved being at home by myself with a two day old infant, I still had a little pity party for myself. Especially when I saw the pictures afterwards. ;-)


So, this week has been interesting. I wasn't as sick on my actual birthday (Wednesday) as I am now. Mr. M pulled out all the stops, and made me feel really special. Just little stuff, like he woke up early and went to the grocery store, and then took Paprika to school so I didn't have to do drop-off that day. And he got me a card from the girls, and my favorite flowers and a sweet balloon.

It used to be all about fireworks and candlelit dinners, and now I swear nothing makes me happier than when he goes to the grocery store! It's the little things! :-)

I picked Paprika up from school, and the girls had a good time playing in the backyard together.


I really wanted to surprise them and take them to Disneyland for my birthday (like we did last year)...but I was just way too sick.


So, we just had a simple little day at home, and then cake after dinner. Yum!


So, Happy Friday! I plan on laying in bed as much as possible this weekend, even if it does mean that I miss going to the party. There are worse things. I realize that. I have perspective. But, I am still going to have a party at home - my very own pity party! Ha!



RB said...

oh friend! feel better soon. big hugs from us all.

Stunningly Sweet said...

Hope your feeling better soon! I've got to know where you get all of Paprika's adorable apron style dresses??? Etsy- a particular shop? Please let me know! Thank you so much!

Erika said...

thanks girls! i get all of paprika's clothes used- either from consignment shops or on ebay. i think i may have a problem because i cannot resist buying cute dresses for her. LOL!


THAT'S Interesting said...

Oh, Erika! I'm so sorry you're feeling so sick. And on your birthday! :( I wish I could send you a big package of getting better. . . Hope you start feeling better today! Emily

Mimi said...

hope you're soon feeling better. It's horrible being sick and pregnant, last week i had a bug that made me feel pregnant and hungover, yuk. And I swear i was neither!
have a huge pity-party, you deserve it, we'll all come!
I too think the girls dresses are FAB! i thought they might be Izzy and Ivy.