Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's May!


10 months old and still just ONE lonely tooth in there! I am happy to say that Ginger is starting to love people food, real people food. She will now try anything (at least one small bite) and lets us know whether it's a hit or miss. Most things are a hit, and she especially loves hummus...even the spicy hummus!

I feel like I've crammed a lot into the past few days since my last post. I've done a lot of house stuff at our new house, including pretty much finishing Paprika's bedroom and almost finishing Ginger's bedroom. Maybe I'm trying to keep my mind off our albatross old house?

Anyhoo, I need to take some pics of everything I've done and post them. I'm pretty proud of the girls' rooms, even if it did take me two months to complete them! We also hired someone on Craigslist to move our King mattress over from our old house. So, the Master Bedroom at our new house is no longer an empty room. Yea! (Even though now it's a room with a mattress on the floor- oh well). Small steps.


Paprika has been having fun helping me with my little house projects. She's also been spending her days dancing, dancing, and more dancing. One of her favorite things to do is watch DWTS (she calls it "her Daddy's show")- I let her watch it on Hulu, and we watch the performance parts over and over and over again...and then she performs them for me. This picture is of Paprika doing one of the dances wearing my nursing cover and dancing with her Pooh bear. She had the dance down pat! I think she has a future on the show. We do have some connections, after all. Haha. Just kidding! ;-)

My mom came into town today and that has been fun- she hasn't seen the girls since last August, so she's been taking in how much they've changed. They really are growing up so very fast!



Amee said...

the girls are just getting so big and cute! can't wait to see what you did with their rooms!

enjoy your time with your mom...

dana said...

oh my goodness the pictures of ginger are precious, she is getting so big and so full of life...

cannot wait to see what you've done with their rooms. hope you are enjoying the time with your mom!

Lauren said...

Awe, I love that picture of Ginger!