Monday, May 24, 2010

A Shower & A Vacation!

On Saturday, we went to a baby shower for my friend, Amee. It was a lot of fun- a really beautiful shower. It was okay to bring kids, so I brought Paprika and Ginger (didn't have much of a choice b/c Mr. Mustard was working)- it was up in Valencia, which is a little over an hour's drive from here.

I didn't get any pictures of the shower (although I wish I had- it was beautiful!)- because I was again focusing on the party, chatting with friends, and taking care of Ginger and Paprika. The mom-to-be looked radiant. Radiant!

Both of the girls had a good time- Paprika got tired at the end and had a little fit...but she was able to calm down after a little alone time, and did great on the drive home (I got lost so it took two hours to drive was NOT fun). Basically, I sat in traffic for 40 minutes, then missed my exit, had to turn around, and sit in traffic again for 40 more minutes to get back to the exit. It was up in the mountains, so the pressure really hurt Ginger's ears, and so she was crying...but I was driving and she's rear-facing and there were no exits in the mountains, so there was nothing I could do.

Needless to say, when we got home, I practically kissed the ground in front of our house. Whew!

Since then we've been doing a lot of stuff around the house. I am doing a big project in our backyard, which I'll write about later. The girls have been helping me with that. :-)

Paprika, although she has a beautiful wardrobe of clothes, does not want to wear any of them. She wants to make her OWN clothes out of toilet paper, newspaper, aluminum foil...stuff like that.


She is also really into ballet. Her favorite movie to watch at the moment is a French documentary about the Russian Ballet called "Ballerina"- it's mostly all in Russian with subtitles, except for a few parts of British voiceover where the narrator uses words like sublimate.

Every night she asks me to put it on and she dances around in her self-made costume of toilet paper and aluminum foil, complete with pantyhose tied around her waist to hold it all together!

She has also been drawing a lot- she drew all these pictures this morning and then I took photos as she drew. It was fun! (In case anyone's wondering- the first picture is of Daddy, the second is a fish, and the third is a spider...)




I am counting down the hours until the DWTS finale tomorrow night. Wow, I love that show, but I miss my husband! After tomorrow, he will be on vacation for a whole month and I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to that. It has been a long, intense season of the show, and I am ready to see who wins! :-)

I don't have a favorite, I just want to see a great show...and have a whole month off to relax together before Mr. Mustard ramps up on his next show. I have to say, with his schedule as intense as it is, I am really grateful for the moments we get to spend together! Bring on Summer Vacation!


Devon said...

so glad you are going to get a whole month with hubby!!! enjoy every moment!

mum2abby said...

So excited for you that you'll have a whole month with the hubby! I should have close to that in a few weeks! I cannot wait :) Can't wait to hear about the backyard project, P's pictures are stinkin' adorable I love them!! Oh, and enjoy your summer vacation and please do take lots and lots of pictures! Don't vacation from the blog...I'd be bored;)

Crystalyn said...

Your girl just BLOWS me away with her brilliance. I know she tests you at times, but that girl is so off the charts with her creative brain power she just FLOORS me to death. You have an amazing talented young lady. Your such a wonderful mom helping her explore her ability. I'm in awe. Total awe.

Susanne said...

I just want to say your daughter is a way better artist than I am! What a great idea to take pictures of her art!