Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Most I Can Fit Into One Day

On Thursday, we really did the most I think anyone can be expected to do in one day. At least the most I can be expected to do. I'm tired just thinking about it!

In the morning, we had pancakes and said goodbye to my mom (but not before we did a photoshoot with my mom and the girls right after I'd woken up after being up all night with Ginger). I am not posting the photos because there are limits to what I'll show on the internet, and what I look like first thing in the morning is not something I want to dwell on today!

After my mom headed to the airport, we had the rest of the day in front of us. Mr. Mustard had the whole day off, so we decided to make the most of it.

First, we went to the playground, fed the ducks, and flew kites.


As you can see, the kites were a big hit.


Paprika is getting really good flying her own kite.


So, we were having a great time flying kites and then I looked over and right beside our car, a truck pulled up to service the Port-A-Potties (yes, we parked right next to the Port-A-Potties). Live and learn!


I didn't want wait to see what happened when they drained the Port-A-Potties, so we threw everyone into the car and decided where to adventure to next. We thought about a few options and then said, "Why not go to Disneyland?"

So, we did it. We headed to Disneyland to take advantage of our status as Annual Passholders. I think at this point those passes have paid for themselves, and then some!

It was a pretty great day to go to Disneyland. Paprika rode her very first rollercoaster (twice!) and loved every second of it. I made sure we rode in the front car, because if you're going to ride a rollercoaster, the front car is the only way to go!


Paprika wanted to wait in line to see every character, but when we got up to them, she was terrified. Terrified.

We waited in line to see Mickey (for um...about 45 minutes) because she insisted she wanted to see him. But when we got in the room to have our special time with Mickey, she started crying and would not go within 10 feet of him. Mickey had to turn away while Paprika bolted by him and out the door.

Then, afterwards she said, "Can we go back to Mickey's House?" Okay....

This picture below is Paprika after she begged to wait in line to see Pooh. Ginger is napping in the Ergo under that big white thing (my nursing cover). She slept through the whole Pooh experience!


But then she was fine and we rode all the favorite rides, and Paprika even rode Pirates of the Carribean, which she hasn't ridden in a year...and she loved it.

By the time we got home, I was kinda tired (understatement)...but I'd say it was a pretty a-okay day, and one that we really didn't miss a moment of!

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