Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Two Things


1) Ginger learned how to clap and she is so very pleased with herself. She can clap in appreciation, as if to say, "Yea!!!" She showed off her clapping skills when Paprika did her impromptu dance recital in our living room. Ginger can also clap in time to the music- which of course made me think she's incredibly advanced...it was impressive (not that I'm biased or anything)!

2) Teething is for the birds. As you can see, I am writing this post at 2am, and well...Ginger is still not asleep (after not taking any naps today). Poor baby!


Lost in Space said...

Beautiful picture! Of course she's advanced...I've met her amazing mom. (-;

I hope those teeth pop through soon for both your and Ginger's sake. Hang in there.

Araminty said...

Just found your blog via 9xmama! :) I too am an attorney-turned-mother!

You take lovely photos!!