Sunday, May 16, 2010

This And That!


We've been super busy these past few days! On Thursday, Mr. Mustard had another day off work (two days off in a row!), so we just spent time together and enjoyed eachother's company.

On Thursday for lunch, we went to our favorite hamburger restaurant. It's kind of our "weekend" ritual (since Mr. Mustard usually has Wed/Thursday off from DWTS, that is our "weekend"). Paprika especially loves their chocolate shakes, and Ginger just likes to people watch!


We spent a few hours at the park...


and had fun with Play-Doh when we got home!


On Friday, I did a bunch of stuff around the house (the girls "helped" me), and then we went to a big party put on by our local Mom's Club. It was at My Gym, and was a ton of fun. Paprika had the best time on this "airplane" zip line. She's still talking about it! (That's not me pushing Paprika in the airplane- it's the girl who works at My Gym!)


Saturday we played in the backyard pretty much all day. Our swingset is really feeling a lot of love from both girls. I got out our musical instrument box and we played that for a long time. I bet the neighbors were loving that! Haha!

Ginger was in a grumpy mood yesterday- her teeth are hurting her soooo badly! I knew I had to find a way to make her feel better...or at least distract her from her pain.


When all the remedies in the old bag of tricks weren't working, I rigged up something that I knew would work. She has been walking along the bottom of our digital keyboard trying to play it for the past week. I went out to the garage and dug out Paprika's old high chair, and rigged that up for Ginger in front of the piano.


She had the BEST time with it and banged away for over an hour. She loves music so much! Paprika even played some duets with her! ;-)

Today we spent at the park. I had been installing some new seats on our double stroller, and when Paprika saw what I had done, she just had to take a ride. So, I loaded them up and we jogged up to the park.

Paprika had been covered with a blanket the whole trip, and when she jumped out of the stroller when we got to the park, I realized she was only wearing her underwear and princess shoes. Somehow she had slipped off her clothes while I was getting Ginger ready to go!

So, there we were at the park and she only had her underwear on and some plastic princess shoes. But, no one else was at the park (it's a semi-private neighborhood park and we happened to be the only ones there) I just let her play and enjoy herself. They both had a great time on the swings, and you know, que sera sera!



Southern Gal said...

You're a good mommy!

Lost in Space said...

I love how you pack so much good stuff into a couple days. (-;

I remember hearing some pretty good belly laughs from Ginger when Paprika played some songs for her so I can only imagine how excited she was to play the piano herself. Too cute!

Love all your room remodeling pictures too. You are one savvy shopper with some great creativity.

FourJedis said...

You guys sure have been busy! So glad things are going well and you are able to really get some great quality time in with Mr. Mustard in his off-time. We can totally relate and every moment we have where my hubby is home, we try and make the best of it! Love the pics. Gorgeous family!

noswimmers said...

Oh that is TOO funny that little miss Paprika made it to the park with no clothes...LOVE it! You sure have fun adventures, don't you?

Brenna said...

Oh my gosh, that's hilarious! I can just imagine little Paprika running around in her skivvies like nothing was amiss. You all have such fun together! I love reading about your days.