Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Zoo!


We spent all day today at the Los Angeles Zoo with our friends Devon and her two girls: Miss Belle (who is seven days older than Paprika) and Sweet P (who is three months younger than Ginger)!

We were going to get a picture of all the kids together...but you know how that goes! Devon and I met at our grief support group, and so she's just one of those people who really gets me (and even my sometimes backwards sense of humor). As we were walking into the Zoo, a guy came up to me and started admiring my stroller and said it would be perfect for him because he has "two sets of twins. Guess I won the lottery, huh?" That's what he said.

I kinda chuckled to myself and thought, "Is it going to be THAT kind of a day?"- you know, the kind of day when you feel like you're the nail instead of the hammer...but it ended up being a great day, after all. Whenever Devon and I are together, we are able to talk about the four kids (my girls and her boys) who are missing from the group...and it's really nice. I'm really lucky to have her as a friend, I know that!


I've taken Paprika to the Zoo many times before, and it's always kinda hit or miss. I know when you go to the LA Zoo, you never really know what's going to happen! Here are some links from back in the day when we used to go...







When we got to the zoo this time, it was filled with kids on field trips. I think every child in Los Angeles was there...and there were about 6 adults watching them all. Haha!

But, soon the school groups left and we had the whole place to ourselves. We got to see lots of animals up close, and the older girls had a great time playing together. It was perfect!


They even got within an inch or so of a gorilla...they thought that was pretty cool! He just sat there and they talked with him for a long time, and even offered him gifts.


The babies were snuggling in their Ergos - it was Sweet P's second trip to the LA Zoo, but Ginger's very first outside the womb.


Overall, a great day! We even beat traffic on the way home. In LA, it doesn't get any better than that! ;-)


Devon said...

LOVE your lion pic!! so fun!

next time we have to make sure to avoid the schools!! craziness!!

thanks for a fun day!

FourJedis said...

You can't beat a good day with a good friend. Glad you gals got some quality time and didn't let the one comment stand in your way. <3 The girls are so precious.

Amee said...

from both your and dev's blogs it looks like you and the girls had a super fun day! glad you guys were able to meet each other in such horrible circumstances...thankful that i in turn was able to meet you as well! :)

Courtney said...

What a great trip and awesome pictures.