Monday, May 17, 2010

Yummy Yummy Food!


Tomorrow Ginger turns 11 months old. Where has this year gone? It really has flown by so very quickly. I find myself wanting to savor every second, every milestone...every breath...every bite!


From the very start, Ginger has been so different from Paprika. Even though they look so much alike, they are different in so many ways- and they are similar in other ways, too. It's been so fun watching Ginger grow and show me her personality this past year. She is such a joy and brings so much light and happiness to our home. Truly, she is a gift!


Ginger loves to eat food now. LOVES it. She will eat pretty much anything I put in front of her, and even some things I don't put in front of her! Haha. She's still nursing a lot, but she definitely loves to try new tastes.

Paprika, on the other hand, never has cared for food. She got by on nursing until she was almost two, and after that, she switched to chocolate milk. She would NOT drink plain milk and I was done with nursing after we lost Vivian and Annemarie (my stay in the hospital ended my nursing relationship with Paprika) we tried chocolate milk and it worked. It's organic milk with organic dark chocolate, in case anyone's interested! ;-)

It's been so hard to get Paprika to try any new food...really hard. One time I tried to bribe her by telling her that I'd take her to meet everyone at DWTS if she'd eat a turkey sandwich (she's never had one). She said "No" - even though it's her favorite show! (Okay, it's the only tv show she gets to watch- but she still loves it!)

I've been really careful not to turn food into a power struggle, and I love that Paprika knows when she's full and eats only when she's hungry. So, I haven't wanted to mess with her eating too much.

But it's just funny. I never got to feed Paprika baby food because she would not eat it. Period. But Ginger's like..."Okay, let's have some baby food. Let's have some hummus. Let's have a cold piece of bread. Let's name it!"


I see so much of myself in Paprika's food choices. I would not eat ice cream until I was 13 years old...hated it (even though I'd never tried it). I didn't eat mayonnaise or mustard or ketchup or pickles for the longest time. Just stuff like that. So, I get her.

But sometimes she just cracks me up. Earlier today I got her to eat some mini blueberry muffins from TJ's. But she will ONLY eat the tops of the muffins. I asked her why and she said, "I don't know. I just like the tops."

So, that's why we have a tray of muffin bottoms sitting in our pantry at the moment! Of course, if I showed them to Ginger, they'd be gone! Haha! But I wouldn't do that to Ginger - she can have her very own muffins with tops! :-)



mum2abby said...

Your girls are different yet so similiar! I love it! Now I'm feeling sorta bad that you'll give Ginger her own whole muffin and when I blog about my kids and chocolate covered strawberries one eats the chocolate and the other the strawberries;) lol, at least the kids aren't being wasteful is what I was thinking but now I'm thinking poor Gator getting already slimed on strawberries...

Jayme said...

My eight yr old wouldn't TOUCH food for the longest time, just nursed until she was two, same as Paprika. Hated baby foods, hated everything. She's MUCH better now, she'll try almost everything for us, even if she ends up not liking it. It just took a few years of her being picky.

FourJedis said...

What kind of bread is she eating? Looks yummy. I love how their differing personalities are even apparent at the dinner table. They are so sweet. We, like mum2abby, scavenge each other's leftovers.

noswimmers said...

LOL...I love your little Paprika. Quite the personality that girl has! And it sounds like her little sis is following in her footsteps, although in her own unique way. :)

Love the pictures of Ginger chomping on the bread, btw. Precious!