Thursday, April 29, 2010

Better Late Than Never!


Remember how I told Paprika that the Easter Bunny had to postpone coming on Easter because Mr. Mustard had to work? Well, Paprika did not forget about the Bunny. Mr. Mustard has been working some really long hours, and it was just about impossible to find a time when we would all be together in the morning.

But, today it guess what...the Easter Bunny came today!

It's a good thing, too, because Paprika has been talking about him for weeks and the guilt was really getting to me. Last week she started making presents for the Easter Bunny (drawings, sculptures made of legos, etc.) to entice him to stop by.

She kept saying, "When the Easter Bunny comes, I'm going to give him my drawing!" - just stuff like yup, mommy guilt was really starting to set in and I couldn't let the month of April slip by without making sure the Easter Bunny penciled us in!


Now, unfortunately, I ate all the Easter candy in the house weeks ago, so the Easter Bunny had to be creative!

The chocolate bunnies survived the past few weeks because even though I really wanted to eat those, I couldn't bring myself to eat them. Easter candy is one thing...bunnies are another!


So, Paprika and Ginger got their own chocolate bunnies, and then a bunch of art supplies and fun stuff like new Play-Doh, and they each got their own kite. I guess they were kind of unconventional Easter baskets, but it's fun to mix it up every once in awhile. Right? I mean, if you're going to do baskets 3 weeks late, I think convention has already been thrown to the wind!


Speaking of wind, we decided to test those kites out right then and there! We headed down to the beach, and my oh my, it was a very windy day outside!


There was so much wind that the trash cans were flying through the air and no one (let me repeat: not a single other person) was at the beach! But we were there. Oh yes. The kites had to be flown right we braved the wind!


I had Ginger in the Ergo, and I zipped her into my sweatshirt because the sand was flying and I didn't want it to get into her eyes. Paprika had a great time, and was pretty oblivious to the wind...although I'm not sure how it didn't pick her up and carry her away!


The first kite was kind of a dud and caused Mr. Mustard a lot of frustration. But after Ginger and I went back to the car (about half an hour in), Paprika and Mr. Mustard cracked open the other kite and it was a huge success...until Paprika let go of it and it flew away! I think it was merciful because I don't know how we ever would have gotten Paprika to leave the beach if there was still the possibility of flying kites...she loved it so much!


Then we came home and popped popcorn in the air popper - it was our first time doing that. When I put Paprika to bed tonight, I asked her what her favorite part of the day was and she said, "When we popped poporn!"

So, the Easter Bunny, the kites, and the beach were all trumped by popping popcorn in the air popper together. Good to know! :-)


Devon said...

such an amazing, fun day!!

Crystalyn said...

Your easter baskets look a LOT like ours :) Since we have food issues, a lot of art is usually brought by the easter bunny