Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Purple Dress


Paprika is still on her purple kick! She made this "dress" out of wrapping material from Mother's Day. As you can tell, it's the right color, so she ran with it. It helps that we have purple roses in our yard - not that they stand much of a chance with Paprika picking them all the time! ;-)


Yesterday we hung out around the house and in the backyard for the first part of the day. I am on a mission to grow some lush green grass in our backyard...and it's proving to be one of my most daunting tasks to date! Haha. Not really (oh, if life's most challenging task were growing green grass)...but it is hard.

So, Mr. Mustard and I were in the backyard digging and raking, and planting...and the girls were having fun in the sun with their toys.


Half-way through the day, we packed it up and went to a playdate at a little park near us (with the same people who came to the house last week). Turns out there are TWO parks named the same thing (what?!)- so we ended up at the wrong park for awhile, and I ended up calling Devon so she could check my email on her Iphone to find out if we were in the wrong place. What would I do without Devon and her trusty Iphone?! ;-)


We ended up figuring it all out, and Paprika had a few hours to play before we had to go home...since I had a girl's night out planned! Yup, that's right! Now that Mr. Mustard is home in the evenings, I am getting out. Last night was dinner in Burbank with some old friends, and it was really so good.

I almost ran out of gas on the way to dinner (on the 5 North, in rush hour traffic, on the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend), but thankfully, I lurched and sputtered all the way to the restaurant and made it there just in time! Ginger did great with Mr. Mustard at home and she was asleep by the time I got back. As I said, I could really get used to having Mr. Mustard around! Haha!



Devon said...

oh my! paprika is SO beautiful in these need to frame some of these girly! she is such a doll!

and you know, i'm always here to help you when you get lost :) love ya!

Courtney said...

I agree with Devon, these pictures are gorgeous. She is just getting so big.


FourJedis said...

I love how feminine she is! Such a girly girl. I hope you enjoyed girls night out! Fun stuff!

Brenna said...

Yay for roses, purple dresses and girls' nights out! Ms. Paprika gets lovelier every day.