Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Premiere!


On Tuesday we went to the Los Angeles Opening of Behind The Burly Q, a feature documentary that Mr. Mustard edited. I joked with him that after four seasons of editing Dancing With The Stars, and now this documentary, he is quickly forming a niche as the go-to guy for dance editing! Ha!

It was my first time seeing the film that he worked so hard on for months and months. I was so excited to watch his work up on the big screen!

Since my mom was in town, we went shopping together earlier in the day and I got a new dress and long has it been since that happened? Anyway, I was lookin' pretty darn good (for me...) and yet there is no photographic proof, as no one took a picture of me! I know, I time...


On the way to the theater, we drove by my old apartment building right off Melrose Place in West Hollywood- the first place I lived in Los Angeles...the one I lived in when I was in film school at USC...the one where I shared a wall with Amy Adams and lived across the courtyard from a few stars of the CW - except back then it was called the WB! ;-)

When we passed by the old stomping grounds, I started singing The Way We Were...

Memories like the corners of my mind
Misty water-colored memories
Of the way we were...

Mr. Mustard thought I was nuts and said he had never heard that song. What?! Am I the only one who knows this song? I thought everyone did!

The film opening was a big success! We had a great time and I was just so incredibly proud of Mr. Mustard. I am proud of him all the time, including every week when 21 million people watch his work. But in that theater (which had far fewer people), I was also so proud of him. Proud of the work he did, of the movie that he was a part of, and just proud to be part of his life!

It was a good night!

Here are some reviews of the film, if you're interested in knowing more about it!

LA Times Review

NPR Article

Official Website


LaceFace said...

I thought everyone had heard that song too!! Crazy men!

Devon said...

yea mr. mustard! i'm so sad there is not proof of your hotness! :) glad you had a nice night out!

Cristy said...

Has he seen Naked Gun? They sing that song in that movie (well, their version)...and that's definitely not a chick movie! haha

Lauren said...

What a fun night! Congrats to Mr. Mustard!

Eve & Joel said...

I'm proud of Mr. Mustard too! That's awesome! And I'm pretty sure he's the only person that hasn't heard of that song! Haha.