Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nothing Gets Between A Girl & Her Ballet Shoes!


Yesterday Paprika had ballet class. It's always the highlight of her week, no question about that!

Towards the end of class, she sat down and didn't want to dance anymore. She went to the corner and said she was all done, but wouldn't say why. She said she just wanted to watch everyone.

As we were leaving, she mentioned that her toe hurt. A little alarm bell went off in my head because the previous night, she had mentioned her toe hurt and that she needed a band-aid. But, usually, she just wants to use band-aids as body stickers (and because of this we are often out of band-aids)...so since she didn't bring it up again, I figured it was no big deal.

Well, when we were leaving the studio, I looked down at her foot, and she had a big chunk of flesh missing from between her toes! It was bleeding, red, raw, and looked soooo painful. If that happened to me, I most certainly would not have danced for almost an hour, let alone been climbing, jumping, and playing- like she had been doing all day!

So, we got home and I cleaned it out and put some bacitracin on it, and bandaged it up (with some band-aids, no less!), and gave her some extra snuggles...and then she went right back to dancing. I guess nothing can get between Paprika and her ballet shoes!

I have no idea what caused her injury- but I hope it doesn't happen again, and the next time she tells me she has a boo-boo, you'd better believe I'll be paying close attention! (And, until then, I'll be sure to hide a few band-aids so they don't end up as body stickers!) ;-)

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Corey said...

She's just training! Mine bled and bruised and bumped up all the time. Mine are just now getting better... after an extended time off pointe! Ballet is not for the weak!