Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy 10 Months!


Dear Ginger,

So much has happened in your life in the past month.

You got your first tooth. You started eating baby food! You love pureed sweet potatoes and pears. You do not like peas! You love your biter biscuits and your wagon wheels.

You can move from laying down to sitting up. You can pull yourself up to standing! You can stand for a long time holding on to something, but you're not quite ready to cruise yet. You are a really fast crawler, and you can climb the stairs (mostly, you get stuck on that last step)!


You love to laugh. You love your daddy, and your big sister. You love your mommy, too! You love to swing on our swingset! You love to smile and giggle and laugh some more!

When we went to Disneyland last week, you didn't like the car ride home at all. You kept saying "mama, mama, mama!!!" because you wanted me to scoop you up instead of ride in your carseat. As long as mommy is holding you, everything is alright!


You are into everything, and you love exploring. You are babbling like there is no tomorrow.

But you still love to snuggle your mommy more than anything. You still want to be held all night long. You fall asleep in the Ergo and I can only lay you down if you're really really asleep. Otherwise, you get so mad! How could mommy think about laying you down in your crib?! You will sometimes take a nap in your crib, but at night you want to be held all night long. You are a snuggler!

You quit your pacifier this month. You want nothing to do with pacifiers anymore. But you want everything to do with nursing...all the time...even when we're out and about in public.

Happy 10 Months, Ginger! I am so glad that you came into our lives! You bring so much sunshine and joy into our family. You mean more to us than you'll ever know! We love you so so so so very much and we always will!



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