Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shell Cottage


I've been bouncing around names for our new house.

The Beach Shack?

The Beach Bungalow?

The House Held Together By Duct Tape?

Today it hit me...

Shell Cottage!

For all you Harry Potter fans, you'll get the reference. We are HUGE Harry Potter fans. Mr. Mustard and I have read all seven of the books aloud to each other (some of the books more than once). That's right...we read them aloud. I've read them all through a few times- I wish JKR would write more Harry Potter books (although I heard a rumor that she IS writing another one). Wouldn't that be awesome?

Needless to say, I think the name is perfect!!! Shell Cottage.


In other news, they found our buyer for our old house. He wasn't in a ditch. He was in the hospital, although we still have no idea why (not that it's our business anyway). I am so thankful he's okay! Phew!


Today we all went to The Habit for lunch (yum!) and then to the beach for a long stroll. Mr. Mustard worked a 27 hour day yesterday (I don't know how you can cram 27 hours into a day, but he did). Anyway, he got home exhausted and today was all about refreshment. So, the beach and The Habit were in order for all his extremely hard work. I hope you're watching DWTS- I am loving this season and I am super impressed seeing all the hard work translated on-screen!


Lost in Space said...

Shell Cottage is perfect. (-;

Did you have your egg hunt today?

FourJedis said...

Shell Cottage is perfect, I agree. I love that you two read books aloud together. How romantic and fun!

Erin said...

love the name! 27 hours, what does he do for them?

Jan said...

LOVE the HP reference! (We're huge fans too. I've read each book about 10 times :) )

mum2abby said...

Great name! I'm so glad you guys get to go to the beach so often! I took the girls last night and they had a only dilemma is the amount of sand we drag into the house each time LOL.

Anonymous said...

SHell Cottage!!! HOOORAY!

Sheila said...

What else would two adorable princesses who live by the beach live in? Keep the Magic Alive.
Thou name shall be "Shell Cottage".
Well done Queen Erika.

Eve & Joel said...

Shell cottage is PERFECT! I love it! Time to go read HP before I go to sleep (as usual!)