Monday, April 19, 2010

A Birthday Feast!


On Sunday, my baby brother, Robbie, turned 15 years old! Paprika hasn't seen Robbie in almost two years (since the summer of 2008), but she remembers him very well. I am always amazed at what Paprika remembers, truly.

Anyhoo, I told Paprika it was Robbie's birthday, and the first thing she wanted to do was sing him Happy Birthday. So, we called him on his cellie and she sang Happy Birthday to him.

Then when we got off the phone, she said very simply, "It's time to make Robbie's birthday dinner feast!"

Well, I went off to change Ginger's diaper and when I came back, Paprika had gone out to the backyard and had brought in all kinds of good stuff to make this dinner. She had taken out bowls and cups for mixing. And she had picked most of the rose petals off one of our rose bushes. She had picked greens from the plants. She had picked little purple flowers. Everything was from our backyard, and it was transformed by way of her imagination.


The rose petals were strawberries. The leaves of the plants were spinach. She had made him a strawberry and spinach salad!


Then she put it on the plate and said it was a big yummy plate of salmon and asparagus.


Then it was time to make the birthday cake.


She got out the mixing bowl all by herself and started to make the cake.


She stirred and mixed...


it was starting to look good!


Then she added some oranges from our orange tree.


Then I went to feed Ginger and get her new clothes. When we came back, Paprika had arranged the cake like this all by herself:


I don't know about you, but I think it looks like a divine birthday cake! Happy Birthday, Robbie! I hope you like your feast!


Lost in Space said...

I just love her imagination! She has quite an eye for the colorful too. Very cute.

Devon said...

LOVE that girl!

FourJedis said...

She is amazingly creative and artistic! What a cool birthday celebration!

mum2abby said...

OMG she's adorable!!!

Sheila said...

Paprika definitely has an eye for color and design. Beautiful job, hope Robbie enjoyed his masterpiece.