Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Wiz!


We started out the day today just hanging out at home. Ginger wants to do everything Paprika does, and doesn't understand why being 10 months old limits her in any way!


By mid-afternoon, Ginger still had not gone down for a nap, so I decided to take the girls to the local highschool's matinee performance of The Wiz! Even though I don't know anyone at the highschool, it seemed like something Paprika would love.

About a month ago, we all went to the Harvard-Westlake Middle School Production of Annie (Mr. Mustard's sister designed the costumes), and Paprika loved the show. It's not every day we can take her to the Ahmanson like we did for Mary Poppins, so a school production is the next best thing!

I was worried The Wiz would be over Paprika's head, but she loved the show. I had both girls by myself, and Ginger wanted to take a nap during the show, but it was LOUD and I had a gaggle of middle school boys sitting next to me. So, I went to the side aisle and she eventually fell asleep in the Ergo just about the time the show was ending! So, she missed her nap. Ah, well...what can ya do?


Paprika was so excited by the show. When we got home, she ran out to the backyard and put on her Tinkerbell swimsuit. She studied the program...she wanted to take it all in.


Then she put on a show for us...

for about three hours.


Til the sun went down!


She had a captive audience in me and Ginger!


Then when Paprika was done performing she said, "I'm tired. I need my rest." And she went inside and went to sleep. Meanwhile, Ginger still has not slept and doesn't look like she's ready to go to bed anytime soon!

That's our Saturday, so far!

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Sheila said...

Does Paprika have an all in one band set? You know the kind where the smaller instruments are stored in the drum. She strikes me as a Lady Fair from the Renaissance.
It's only natural she should have music. A pied piper playing a recorder or other wind instrument.
Tamborine with streamers perhaps.
Oh and a muse. Ginger looks like a perfect muse or lady in waiting.
In the Kingdom of Shell Cottage there is much merriment to be made.