Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!


Happy Easter!

We dyed eggs last night, and what can I say...I got the planning about 90% right. I bought the neccessary dye kit, and even made sure the Easter Bunny got good things for the baskets, but I forgot to buy eggs! Doh!

So, we had to make due with what we had- eight brown eggs, and three of the eight we had cracked during boiling! I tried to get philosophical about the eggs and chalked it up to a metaphor for the imperfect world we live in (and yet there is still so much beauty in the world). A teachable moment for Easter?

Paprika didn't care a hoot about the broken eggs. She was so excited to have fun with what we had.


I hope you enjoy this beautiful Easter Sunday. I am off to focus on what this holiday is really all about. Easter is one of my very favorite holidays- right up there with Christmas! It fills me with so much hope and I am so grateful for the true reason for this season. :-)

More pics of our egg dyeing:




Happy Easter!!!


Michelle said...

Your children's smiles are just beautiful. I loved seeing the egg dying process. Have a blessed Easter. Michelle

FourJedis said...