Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh Happy Day! - Skinny Tuesday


Well, I realize I haven't done a Skinny Tuesday post since we moved...a month ago!

Over a month ago.

I've been living in denial. I'm still paying for my WW online subscription, but I haven't been counting my points.

And I've been eating chocolate. Every day. Every meal, actually!

I weighed myself, and I'm at the same place I was when we moved.

Not more.

Not less.

And that's okay. (Although it would be so much better if I were all of a sudden magically at my goal weight, wouldn't it be?)

I guess you could say I've been distracted. Working hard on moving, selling our house, and getting settled. And having some fun, too.


I keep hearing all these great things about PX-something or other. PX-90? I don't know. I am not ready to go there yet.

But, since I am living by the beach...having a bangin' beach bod would be pretty awesome. I still have time before summmer, right? Oh, wait...I live in LA. There are no seasons here. Guess I gotta get motivated again!

I am mostly still eating organic and healthy, which is why I think I haven't gained any weight since we moved even though I've been eating anything and everything I want!

So yea, I need motivation. I am not sure what my motivation is at the moment. I'm in that comfy place of weight- not where I want to be, but not disgusted with myself either. Maybe I need to go look at some pictures of Heidi Klum and get myself motivated because at the moment, I am just enjoying every sweet morsel of life...and of each bite I eat! What's your motivation?



Sophia said...

I'm so glad you're back with Skinny Tuesdays! Definetly one of my favorite continuous blog posts ;) What keeps me motivated is the future feeling of walking into my closet and not having a limited selection of what to wear. So much more makes me wanted to be at my ideal weight, I just need to learn to deal with impulse eating because everything looks the same all the time!

Jamie said...

Skinny Tuesday...Wow what a great idea!!! I am currently in self motivated WW mode. I have an app for my iphone that will track my WW points...it is not WW sponsored; since I have not ACTUALLY joined WW, I do not use there app. But the one I have works great. I have lost a few pounds...but friends help! So, I looking forward to many more Skinny Tuesdays! Thanks-in advance!!!

Christina said...

My motivation is seeing myself in a bikini the last few days, and thinking ok. This isn't to bad. I have skinny thighs, my body really looks different...all this hard work is paying off. Thank you-Miss Jillian Michaels.
Good luck to you, glad your move went well!

Eve & Joel said...

My motivation is Jackson. Before I put anything in my mouth I ask myself, "is this something I would let Jackson eat?" and, if so, "how much would I let him eat of this?" That really helps me make smarter choices for food and better choices for portions of sweets! (No, I don't eat a toddler's portion, but I think about it in relationship to the percentage of my total daily intake.)

Lost in Space said...

I am seriously lacking in the motivation department so no help there. I'm just glad Cadbury mini-egg season is over. (-;

You are doing it right in making a lifestyle change which is why you haven't gained anything! Very nice.

Sandra said...

P90X... excellent workouts! I'm so impressed that you didn't gain with a month off - that is fantastic!