Wednesday, April 14, 2010

D-Land Solo!


On Monday, I might have lost my mind because that morning I woke up and decided to take Paprika and Ginger to Disneyland and California Adventure all by myself. Now, of course, I have taken them to Disneyland with other people and I have taken Paprika by myself when I was pregnant with Ginger. But this was my first trip with a 9 month old and a 3 year old with no other adults present.

It all started because of an advertisement Paprika saw in the back of O Magazine on Saturday. It was an ad for some Disney cruise and it featured fairies and Tinkerbell...and so Paprika would not stop talking about wanting to go see these fairies and Tinkerbell.

I think the ideal adult/child ratio for D-Land is two adults per child. This was obviously exceeding the limit, but what could I do? When you want to see fairies, you've got to go see fairies!

Even though the whole point of the trip was to go see Tinkerbell and her fairies, Paprika decided when we got there that she really wanted to go to the Monsters, Inc. ride first. We rode that twice and then walked around California Adventure checking out some of the characters.


Then, she said she really wanted to go on the Carousel (again, when were we planning on seeing the Fairies?) So, we rode the Carousel twice.


Then we went on the Pinnochio ride twice.

Then we went to lunch just the three of us at the little restaurant by the Pinnochio ride.

And then we went to see Tinkerbell and the Fairies. Paprika was so excited! Then she was nervous. Then she wanted to run away. Then she wanted to very slowly approach the fairies to say hello. Needless to say, I was focusing on her and not on taking the moment passed by without photos. What can I say, this is one rare un-phootgraphed moment of her childhood. Cest la vie!

After that, we went to the Princess Tiana show, where we were front row. Paprika got up on stage with Princess Tiana. Paprika played the tambourine, and she danced in front of the audience, and it was just awesome. Really.


Then we rode the Buzz Lightyear ride (Paprika kept calling it the Buzz Light-berry ride).

And then we got settled for the big Parade on Main Street...


And after that was all done, it was time to head home. Big day. Phew! It was rather exhausting (at least for me), but well worth it considering all the fun we had!



mum2abby said...

Looks like you had a blast! You are definitely a brave woman!!! So, will you be venturing there again solo? Looks like you all survived!!

FourJedis said...

Paprika is seriously just an awesome little lady. I'm amazed (but thrilled) you were able to get any pictures at all. How cute that she participated in the show! Brave, but successful Mama! So glad the 3 ladies enjoyed the day!

Christine:) said...

I cannot wait to take my kiddos to Disneyland or Disney are brave for doing it on your own! Great pictures- it looks like you guys had a fabulous time:)

The Milliron Family said...

You don't know me, but I saw your comment on C - Jane's latest post about losing a child. I also lost a child, a Daughter, about a year ago. She was stillborn when I was 8 months pregnant with her. I wanted to let you know I read a little bit about your experience and wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss. But I really feel like the Lord brings Mothers like us together - or at least allows our paths to cross - so that we know we aren't alone.

I love your Blog, very cute : )


danbnan said... are my HERO! D-land solo with the girls would most certainly do me in. You go mama!