Thursday, April 15, 2010

Together Time


Mr. Mustard's schedule on DWTS has been intense, to say the least! We haven't been seeing too much of him, so time with him is really precious at the moment.

Yesterday he had the afternoon free, so we decided to tie up some loose ends with our old townhouse up in Pasadena. It was just some routine know the stuff that you have to do but don't really want to do? We had to take down the flat-screen we have mounted on the wall, fix the wall behind it, and just lots of little stuff like that. The girls came with us, of course, and they were very good sports.

We had planned to go back up to the old townhouse today to tie up some more loose ends (the list is really neverending), but we decided that the day was better spent relaxing as a family, so that's just what we did!

First we went out for ice cream. You know that saying, "Like a kid in a candy shop?" I never knew what a kid in a candy shop was like until today. And now I know! Haha!


We shared chocolate ice cream with sprinkles- Paprika's favorite. Mr. Mustard even let Ginger try a bite! She thought it was deeee-licious!


Then we went down to the pier. Paprika chased birds, and we all watched the surfers. We went to the marine center and petted the sea stars and learned about sea life. It never gets old!




Then Paprika had her new ballet class. Today was the first class, and she was soooo excited. We got to the class and only one other girl had signed up, so they cancelled the class without even telling us! The grandmother of the other little girl was there and raised such a fuss that they called the instructor and she drove over to give the girls a private dance lesson for an hour.


The teacher was phenomenal, and soooo much better than Ms. Gulch! Paprika learned more today than in her whole series at the old studio! Plus, this teacher was so nice to the very nice! Refreshing!


This is the second time this week we've been cancelled on at the last minute. I had Paprika signed up for an art clas, too, and the instructor called the night before to tell me that they didn't have enough students enrolled to do the class! Bah!

So, now I'm back to square one. I can do a lot of this stuff at home, but it's really being around the other kids that Paprika loves most. I can't tell you how much fun she had with this other little girl today. She was having the time of her life! So, I'll keep at it and eventually, hopefully, find a class that won't be cancelled on us!



FourJedis said...

Aww, that stinks about things being canceled, but the class looks great. I'm glad that someone came in and taught really well. Also so happy you guys got some quality family time!

It is nice to be able to go and be a spectator, watching your kids do stuff (gives us a chance to see more pictures), and witness how they interact and enjoy others.

It's also nice to see your beautiful smile in a picture! Enjoy your weekend!

noswimmers said...

Awww, it looks like Paprika has such a great time! She is 100% girl, isn't she?? :)

BTW, you look beautiful!!!!

The Carrels said...

love those butterfly hair clips...any chance you can tell me where to buy some?