Monday, April 19, 2010

Where Do All The Cool Kids Hang Out?


On Saturday, I took Paprika to Princess Class. I was sure it wouldn't be cancelled like her dance class and her art class were. For starters, it's a Princess Class all about crafts, tea parties, make-believe, and dress-up. What's not to like about that? Second, it was on Saturday, so I figured it would be something working parents could fit into their schedules. So we had double chance of it being well-attended: working parents and stay-at-home parents would be able to make it.

That morning before we left, Paprika went through all her princess dresses until she found her very favorite one (the princess dress her Mimi and PopPop gave her for Christmas). She got all decked out with her hair bows, and feathers, and she was so excited.

She kept saying, "I'm going to go to Princess Class and make some friends. All my new friends are going to be at Princess Class!"


We got to class, and what do you know...we were again the only ones enrolled and the class was cancelled! They didn't have time to call us beforehand (they were hoping for last minute people to show up), so the teacher offered to do a craft with Paprika by herself. But, of course, there were no other kids there, which was the whole point of the class!

Paprika was so disappointed. She sat down and kept saying over and over, "When are my friends coming? Where are the other Princesses?"

It made my heart hurt.

So, basically, I need to figure out where the cool kids hang out - or any kids for that matter! I can tell you one's not at any of the Parks & Rec classes! We are so done with Parks & Rec!


When we left, Paprika kept saying, "Where are my new friends? When are they coming?"

I had to do some damage control. I knew there was an Earth Day festival going on at the park, and I knew there would be kids there, so we headed over there straight from the Princess Class.


It was great! There was a band and lots of kids Paprika's age.


We had an awesome time. Paprika danced and played with the other kids.


Ginger was much more interested in going through my purse...


and playing with my cell phone...


...and my sunglasses!


Then we came home and had a lazy day. Paprika and Ginger had a great time playing with chalk on the back porch. Paprika is teaching Ginger all about drawing. Ginger is Paprika's first art student.


Paprika later took my makeup and painted the bathroom floor with it. I don't have a picture of that! It was a whole tube of my expensive foundation and I almost cried. Well, not really. But she's always doing stuff like that...last week she put all of our refrigerator magnets in the toaster...and toasted them. She said that since they were on the refrigerator, they must be cold and they needed to be warmed up. I heard the toaster pop and came into the kitchen just in time!

Paprika's imagination is so big I just can't think of everything!

Anyhoo, all's well that ends well. Our day was a good one. I just have to find out...where do the cool kids hang out? Well, besides the two cool kids who hang out at our house! ;-)



FourJedis said...

I love seeing the girls play together! So sorry about your luck with the classes. That is a bummer. You should come to Charleston. :-P There are kids everywhere in every class (and plus I'm selfish and want to hang out). :D

It's hard not to step back and smile when your child does something totally uncool but has a "logical" explanation for it (which kind of sort of makes sense). :)

The girls, as always, look beautiful!

LaceFace said...

Oh my goodness, "when are my friends coming?" made MY heart hurt too! Poor baby! Guess the good old days of meeting kids out in the neighborhood are gone!

mum2abby said...

I'll do a little research for you if you need but some of the cool things we have found is if you type in your zipcode and search "moms" "playgroup" "homeschooling" on Our Meetup site has LOTS of playgroups with lots of different things going on. Its usually run by a Mom or two and you'll have to pay a yearly fee but usually not more then $15. They will then host different events all over. You can also check for local area groups. I'd do a search for some homeschool groups in your area. It takes a little effort to find some (you can find some on yahoo and but you'll find even bigger ones too). They usually have field trips to museums, classes, co-ops etc. Also, have you thought about kindermusik? Its kind of pricey but could be good for both kids. We have done mygym and its more of a gym class then a gymnastics class. Its not cheap but you get 1 class a week PLUS free play. Something to think about...but check the cheaper options first. I think if you can find a good group you'll be thrilled...;) If you need help searching let me know and I'll do my best! I have some good homeschool contacts but I'm not sure if anyone has any info on the LA area!