Sunday, April 11, 2010

One Nap, No Nap!


On Friday, we went to three parks. What can I say, I am picky about my parks! The first park had some mean kids at it- they were not being very nice to Paprika, and the nannies of these kids were on their cell phones not paying attention - one of my pet peeves! So, we packed up and drove by another nearby park (but it was on a busy street and not fenced) we ended up back at our new favorite park where we can feed ducks! Sometimes it's good to branch out and other times it's good to just stick with old faithful!

I still miss our old park (you know, the one with the Tin Man)- but our new favorite park is coming in a close second!

When we were done feeding the ducks, Paprika had a great time on the playground and Ginger sat in the grass (where I snapped these photos)!


Ginger's having one awful time with her sleeping. She is basically not napping at all now. I remember that when Paprika was about this age, she dropped down to one nap/day. I remember it well because it was when we were staying in Chicago for extended periods of time when Mr. Mustard was working for Oprah. Ah, life living at the Omni - especially because Oprah was paying for it! Ha!

Anyway, it seemed like we spent that whole summer of 2007 in Chicago, and during that time I was really fighting Paprika going down to one nap. I blamed the whole thing on us living in a hotel in Chicago and breaking our routine.

But guess what...Ginger is dropping her naps even earlier than Paprika did! What gives?


Basically, Ginger wakes up for the day around 8am. She's happy for about three hours, and then she fights a nap from about 11am until 5pm, when she takes a nap for about 1/2 hour. Then she is up from the end of her nap (about 5:30pm) and fights sleep until about 11pm. Then she wakes up often throughout the night. During the time she's fighting her nap, she just wants to be held in the Ergo and nursing. All day long.

I can stay home and spend my days trying to get her to sleep, or we can get out of the house and do fun stuff. Sometimes I opt to stay home and try to get her to nap. Sometimes I get out of the house and just let the napping fall by the wayside because as much fun as it is to stay home, it's also great to get out and see the world, you know?!

The good news is that even when Ginger is super tired, she's still a trooper and as long as I'm there right beside her, she's happy as can be.

Well, what do you I am writing this entry, Ginger has fallen asleep in my arms! Hallelujah!



Amee said...

ginger is so stinking cute and getting big!! praying she makes her way back to at least one nap for you! :]

FourJedis said...

Ginger is so incredibly pretty. I'm sorry about her lack of naps, as I know how much you value that time, but at least she's a good sport! I'm glad you guys have a fall-back park when new discoveries don't work out! Keep exploring, though!

Erin said...

oh man she is so cute but too young for no naps. We finally took naps away from my 3 year old because she wasnt going to bed until 11pm when she napped.

Hopefully you can figure something out.

I want to know more about what your husband does!