Friday, May 31, 2013

Miss Student of the Week!


Here she is:  MISS KINDERGARTEN STUDENT OF THE WEEK!  Paprika has been looking forward to this week ALL year.  She was supposed to be SOTW last week, but seeing as how it was also DWTS Finale week, we were able to push it back a week so we could all be there to support her.

The picture above is all of us outside her classroom moments before her first presentation.  She told me she was feeling a little nervous. 

On Monday, she gave a presentation to the class all about her life.  She worked hard on her board (with a little help from yours truly - haha).  She covered her babyhood, siblings, grandparents, parents, extended family, pets, friends, Disneyland, swimming, piano, art, the beach, butterflies - it was all there!  She did a fantastic job - we were so proud of her!


On Tuesday, she brought a big bag of all her favorite things to show the class.  She brought her piano medal, her Charlotte doll, Teddy bear, a few drawings, her diary, letters from her pen pals, and her special yellow blankie.  She did fantastic showing her items to the class and answering questions.

On Wednesday, she read a book to her class.  Since she read a Little House book, she brought her special Charlotte doll.  She read so clearly and true - and made sure to show everyone the illustrations in the book.  I could not have done a better job myself!  :-)


Today she presented her Student Interview and got a "Buzznote" from her class- basically a letter with positive things about her from each of her classmates!

What a fun week it has been!

Last week, the kids in her kindergarten class were all supposed to dress up as their favorite scientist.  Paprika wanted to dress up as Sally Ride, the astronaut.  Here she is!  Notice the "no-nonsense" hairbows- haha - she didn't think Sally Ride would have worn princess or flower hairbows.  ;-)


And here is a little story Paprika wrote for her class.  So cute!



Happy Weekend! 

The End!


Not Just A Blonde said...

Love the drawing in her book! Such a little artist!! I am so glad she had such a good week! XO

Mimi said...

Well done to Paprika, some great skill-building in that SOTW!
Love your newest family photo!