Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happy Days!


It's been an exquisite week full of happy days.  Last weekend we went to Paula's and went swimming - so much fun!  I have pics on my real camera but have not had a chance to upload them yet (story of my life!)  Instead, these are all cell phone pics from this past week - which upload like magic to the computer!  Easy peasy! 

I never tire of watching Violet sleep.  I wonder if one day she'll think it's weird that I took seventy billion pictures of her sleeping?  Wish I could bottle it up - and even seventy billion pictures can't do that!  But I'll keep trying!  ;-)


Mr. M and I have been clearing out the clutter!  It's been a huge effort on both our parts to do all the little things around the house we've wanted to do for months but haven't had time.  He's built a new computer that he pieced together himself.  We've sorted through the garage and have said goodbye to MOUNTAINS of things.

We've donated almost all of our baby items.  From the baby bathtub, the bouncy seat, the exersaucer, to the bumbo...just everything.  It's been super bittersweet to see all of those baby things go - but it was time.  We took down the crib in our bedroom and I felt a little sad for a moment.

But then I looked at the floorspace we gained and I did a little jig.  ;-)

These girls are growing up, and it's time to make room for new things - new seasons:




She sleeps with one eye open...lest you try to escape. ;-)


We spent a lot of time this week volunteering at Paprika's school - she still has a month until school is out!  She is STUDENT OF THE WEEK this week at school - it's a big deal, and one she's been excited about since last September! 


Painting by Ginger.  She got the paints out herself and painted this all on her own.  So proud of my 3 year old artiste!

Painting by the resident 3 year old...

Daisy got a bath.  We tried to shear her ourselves, but it didn't work - probably because her hair is so thick she'd dulled the blades the last half dozen times we used the clippers on her!  She still looks pretty cute shaggy, though!


Midnight snack for Ginger!

Midnight snack...

Paprika working on memorizing her pieces for her piano recital coming up in June!

Working on memorizing her recital pieces!

Violet is ALWAYS HAPPY.  Seriously, this is her signature look:


And this one, too!


The End!

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