Sunday, June 2, 2013

Little Surf Girls!


Thursday night - after Violet's nap, Paprika's swim team practice, and a full day of school for Paprika - we decided to head down to the beach at sunset. We could have just called it a day and stayed home, but I am so glad that we made the effort. Sometimes it feels good to say YES to impromptu, spontaneous trips in the great outdoors.

The girls were fascinated by the surfers.  All three girls started waving to the surfers down in the water below, and a bunch of them waved back!  Paprika is counting the days until I'll let her go to surf camp - for the record, she gets to go when she's eleven!  Ha!


We had a great time visiting the little aquarium at the end of the Pier.  Paprika has to do a sea life report for school - so we were researching sea lions while we were at the aquarium.  We actually got some great information on sea lions while we were there!


More surfers:


Paprika running on the Pier.  It's crazy to me that she has lived by the beach now for over half her life!  Time flies.  She is such a little beach girl:




Baby Violet checking out the beach down below:


Daddy with two of his best girls:


Somehow going to the beach always makes it feel like summer!  I'm ready!  :-)

The End.

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Mimi said...

What a beautiful beach, and what a beautiful way to close your day. I think sunset at the ocean brings us closer to nature and higher power.