Friday, May 24, 2013

Disney Part 2!


More pictures from our magical day at the Magic Kingdom!  :-)

These pictures were taken at Corey and David's Vow Renewal Reception:


You can see that they had two surprise and honored guests.  ;-) 

The kids got a picture with Mickey and Minnie...well, most of the kids anyway!


Toddler Violet was IN LOVE with Mickey and Minnie.  She danced with them, hugged them, kissed them, high-fived them...and was in general thrilled to see them.  It was pretty darn cute.

Ginger was so well behaved, and truly a DOLL all day.  Truly.  But when we asked her if she wanted to meet Mickey and Minnie, she wanted NONE of that...thank you very much.

She was very happy to sit and color at the table while the other kids played with Mickey and Minnie.  Ginger had a great time - and was incredibly well behaved - I did not want to push it and I wanted to respect her wishes.  As you can see, she was very focused.  ;-) 


And very detailed in her coloring!


Anyway - having Mickey and Minnie visit was really cute.  The kids thought this was very funny:


Cory and David's family - they have two boys - one Paprika's age and one a few months older than Ginger:


Me and my little Mouseketeer!


Mickey hanging out with the kids:


After the reception, we rode some rides.  First up was the Carousel - always a fave with our family (no line!):


I was feeling a little bit ready to go home at this point - ha - can you tell?  Little did I know I'd be there for five more hours!  ;-)


At one point, we split up because Paprika wanted to ride Pirates of the Carribean, and Ginger wanted to ride It's A Small World.  So - Mr. M took these pics on the camera while I was off with Paprika.


He even rode the Teacups with them - which is his LEAST favorite ride (because of the spinning).   Usually I do this ride with the kids - so for him to brave it...well, that's LOVE. :-)


All in all, a magical day at Disneyland.  We were so honored to be invited by Corey and David to take part in their special day!

I have more pics from my camera to post from the past month or so. Now that Dancing With The Stars is on hiatus and Mr. M is HOME for more than two seconds/day - I have a little time to do things like download my pictures.  Hooray!!!!

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