Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Thriving With Art!


The girls spent much of the weekend making art.  My friend Jen told me about an online art class called Thrive, where kids can learn about art.  The first class is free - so I could try it out and see if we liked it before we bought the classes.  Of course, Paprika (age 6) loved it and was begging for more - so I took the plunge.

Here is a not so great cellphone picture of her first drawing.  I realized later I should have bought Paprika better markers - but oh well!  It still turned out great.


Here she is in her Office/Art Studio - hard at work.  This one was challenging for her because it took her awhile to get the size of the dog just right.  In the end, she was pretty proud of her drawing!


Here is a castle she drew:


And a Macaw:


I let Paprika do the classes by herself so she could pause and take her time.  The great thing is now that I bought the classes, I can repeat them as much as I want - so when Ginger (age 3) is ready, she'll be able to do them, as well.

Here is one of Ginger's drawings from the weekend.  She has this new thing where she draws on white paper with Sharpie, and then flips the paper over and traces the mirror image on the other side.  It's kinda fun to look at her drawings because you never know which one is the right side!  Haha!


And last, but not least, a quick DoodlePro sketch I found next to the couch.  Do you know the Don't Let The Pigeon...books?  Pretty funny, right?!


The End!


Blondemom3boys said...

Please continue to post their art!!! I love it so!

Sheila said...

P's art is happy art. It always makes my day!

Shell Cottage is officially an artist cottage/gallery. How cool I have online access. ;)

Your Mama must be so tickled to see her talent has been passed to her granddaughters.