Sunday, May 19, 2013

Summertime Prelude!


It feels like summer.  The girls have been playing outside until dark like it's summer.  But Paprika still has over a month of school left before summer break - can you believe that?!  I am so ready to have her home! 

Anyhoo- here are the girls with their "swimming pool" - hahahaha!  They want a pool SO BADLY - and the kiddie pool from last summer popped.  They were desperate for a pool and made a makeshift one out of this bucket, and then proceeded to have the BEST time in it.


The girls set up this tent in the backyard.  They play in it for hours, and have their pretend "slumber parties" inside. 


I often find them in there whispering to each other and telling stories:


We have lots of "Mystery Plants" that pop up in the summer.  The only plant that doesn't seem to pop up is GRASS!  Haha!

But anyhoo- we were very surprised to find these poppies growing wild in our backyard!  That made Paprika and Ginger pretend they were Dorothy and Toto from the Wizard of Oz and fall asleep beneath them.  :-)


Paprika never met a creature she didn't love.  Here she is with her new best friend - a Roly Poly she named "Hannah" - who now resides in our home with us!


Paprika and Hannah have had so much to talk about!   ;-)


For Show and Share at school, Paprika had to share something that makes her special (something she likes about herself).  This is what she wrote:


Here is a recent drawing by Ginger (age 3).  Ginger loves to draw, and I am always finding her drawings around the house - most of which are drawings of our family.  They are all so sweet!  This one is me and Ginger:


Ginger's other themes are landscapes!  She loves to draw flowers and scenes of nature.  Here is a little Doodle Pad sketch she did recently:


The butterflies hatched!  Paprika and Ginger had to teach Toddler Violet all about butterflies.  They were all so excited!

Here are a few photos of the butterflies right after they hatched:






Someone has been keeping me QUITE busy now that she's into anything, everything, and never stops moving!  ;-)  I do love it - I do...I spend my days chasing after her, picking up after her, and keeping her out of trouble.  (Easier said than done).  But I truly would not have it any other way - she is such an incredible gift. An exhausting gift, too!  ;-)  Love her to the moon and back!


The End!


Blondemom3boys said...

What an active bunch! Can't wait to see what Summer brings! ;)

Noo said...

I love paprika s hair clips do you make them close up picture pleaseeee!

Mimi said...

Love the improvised pool! Bet they have far more fun with it than a purpose built one.
And the butterfly tent is fab too. they all look so happy in your pics, it's a joy to behold.