Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Teeny House!


The girls have been asking for one of these "teeny playhouses" for awhile.  I bought them one for Christmas a few years back, and they loved it (while it lasted!)  :-)

Little did they know that the houses had been such a steal, I had bought two way back when and I was saving this one for a special occasion...just, you know, the odd Saturday in May two years later.  Haha!

Seriously, though - I wish I'd bought ten because they store so easily and they were such a deal - I think I paid $5 each for them!

So, I surprised the girls by setting it up for them in the living room.  They were so excited  And it kept them entertained for hours.  Seriously, hours.

After they had colored the outside of the house, they went inside and drew furniture on all the walls!  Then they happily played together and set up house inside.  I was like: Instant Babysitter!  Ha!


I let them have at it and draw/color however they liked.  I came back and found this note waiting for me on the door.  :-)


You can tell they took their house decorating skills very seriously.  ;-)


It was so much fun! Who knew some simple cardboard could provide so many hours of joy?  It truly is the little things!


The End!


Cheryl said...

Another great way for them to spend a hot summer day is to paint the outside of the house. My girls would have hours of fun with a sand bucket water and a paint brush.

Mimi said...

That's a brilliant house! Wish I'd had a few of them!
I cannot believe how big Violet has gotten, she's a real toddler now!
And Ginger looks beauiful in her dress and Crocs.