Friday, May 10, 2013

18 Months!


Toddler Violet turned 18 months old yesterday.  I can hardly believe she is a year and a half old.  She is into everything.

She tears the house apart with a mischievous  grin, and she is so happy all the time (well, until you say "No" to her - Haha!)


She is such a little explorer, and she loves to see how everything works, what it's made of, if she can break it...and if she can eat it!  Ha!

I had to hide Daisy's food because she was getting into it all day long, every single day...and it was becoming a daily mini-meal for her.  Yech!


She loves to try all new things - including food - and she is thriving.  ;-)  She weighs 29 pounds, which is only 3 pounds less than Ginger (who will be four next month!)

They can wear the same clothes and I forsee a lot of wardrobe sharing in their future.  They love each other so much!


Violet loves books and wants to be read to all the time. She walks around the house holding her books, and she will run up to you and MAKE you read her a book!  Haha.  She is quite irresistible that way...

She does not like "screens" (computer, iPad, etc.)  If you put a program on for her, she might watch it for five seconds...probably less! 

But one thing she DOES love is Barbie.  Barbie, Barbie, Barbie, Barbie.  There is one movie (Barbie and the Diamond Castle) that she loves. She dances to it, sings to it, and just loves it.  Anything Barbie is Violet's favorite thing.

She also loves music - and loves to dance.  If you turn on music, she will jump down from wherever she is and start dancing.  Mr. M thinks Violet will be a scientist (because of how she methodically has to take everything apart) - and I think she will be a musician.  She loves music SO very much.

Or maybe she will be a musical scientist.  Haha!


She still likes sleeping right next to me, always touching me.  Still nursing like a newborn.  Still as sweet as she can be.  Still so very very very loved!


The End!


Mimi said...

Oh Erika, what a beautiful post, and what a beautiful, lucky, loved girl your Violet is.
You're a great Mama to your girls!

Not Just A Blonde said...

She's such a special lil firecracker! Love these pictures!!!

Sat Bachan Kaur said...

Thank you for adding a smile to my day honey! xoxoxo Mom

Sat Bachan Kaur said...

Thank you honey for putting a smile on my face. Love you, xoxoxox Mom