Monday, May 6, 2013

Three Pigs And A Butterfly!


Paprika had a little play at school a few weeks ago.  It was called:  The Three Piggie Opera!  It was all singing (hence, Opera!) - and she had the part of The Straw House.

So, under her costume she wore this - yellow and white!

She was excited to be the straw house because she got to fall down when the wolf came into the picture.  And mostly, she was just excited to be involved.

She really wanted to be the Straw Piggie - but she didn't get the part - and I won't go into that except to say: LIFE ISN'T FAIR SOMETIMES!  ;-)

But she was the best darn straw house I've ever seen - (and don't mention I've only ever seen one...her!  Haha)

This is her on the morning before the performance:


And here she is dressed up in her costume!


The whole clan came to the performance.  Mr. M buzzed over from work and filmed the whole thing - he actually did a two camera set-up and was rather professional about the whole thing.  I hear there's a DVD in the works - possibly with behind-the-scenes, never-before-seen footage.  ;-)

I jokingly said to him that I bet the audio would be terrible and he looked at me in all seriousness and said:  I know!  They weren't even mic'ed!

But somehow, we could hear them all the same!  :-)


The next day, Paprika had a birthday party to attend.  The birthday girl's mom was super sweet and invited all my kids to come - and she made sure to include Ginger especially.  So, I got them all dressed, fed, cleaned, shoe'ed...the whole she-bang.


They were all so excited to go! 

But when we got there, someone tried to put fairy wings on Ginger - and that set her off.  She started crying...and then that escalated to screaming.

So, I remembered that I had promised her a week before to take her to McDonald's for a chocolate shake - so I asked her if she wanted her shake today.

She was so excited!  She said:  Yes, Please!

So, I left Paprika at the party and took Ginger and Violet to McDonald's and waited in an excruciatingly long drive-thru line to get Ginger that shake.

Once we got the shake, I handed it to her and she took two very small sips and handed the shake back to me.

She said:  It was so good.  Thank you so much.  I'm done.

I kept asking her if she wanted to have just one more sip know...there were like 16 more ounces in the cup!  And she'd only been asking me all week to go get that shake!

But no, she kept saying:  It was so good.  Yummy.  I'm done.  No more.  Thanks, though!  ;-)

So, I tried to give a sip to Baby Violet, but that upset Ginger because Heaven Forbid anyone else should have a sip of her shake.


Then, Ginger said she wanted to go back to the party.  So, we went.  But then after we  drove there, found parking, got out of the van, cleaned the chocolate off of the girls - and finally got inside - Ginger immediately started crying.  She ran to the curtains and hid behind them and sobbed.

So, after trying to calm her down, I decided to ignore her for a moment and try to be a good guest - the hostess had gotten Ginger her own set of butterfly wings - and I honestly just wanted to be appreciative and civilized.

But, that was not in the cards.  Ginger escalated...and it was clearly time to go!  ;-)

So, I packed up the van again and took Ginger and Violet home - and Paprika stayed at the party.  She had the BEST time!

Here is front of the card she made for the birthday girl:


Here she is with her wings, necklace, and face painting!  They had a real fairy at the party who did magic tricks and painted everyone's faces.

Paprika would not wash her face until the next day - she wanted to sleep in pixie dust!


And, of course, she wanted to wear her fairy wings non-stop, too!


I found it a little ironic that Ginger finally got invited to one of Paprika's friend's birthday parties - and she didn't even want to go!  Geez!

So, lesson learned.  I am always learning lessons.  I guess that's how this parenting gig works.  ;-)

Next time I'll know - Paprika is fine at birthday parties by herself, and the rest of us can stay home!  Haha.


The End.

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