Friday, May 3, 2013

A Happy Birthday Rose!


First of all, today is my Dad's 60th Birthday! Happy Birthday, Padrecito! I love you so much!  The girls and I called this morning to sing Happy Birthday to my dad.  It was out of tune - but with a lot of heart.  I think he liked it!  ;-)

Here are a few recent pictures of Ginger with her roses.  She has picked EVERY single rose in our yard at this point - so she's just going to have to be patient and wait for more to grow.  The roses were beautiful while they lasted!





She has been busy flower arranging all over the house.  It's not just roses (but those are her favorites).  Every flower and good-looking weed has found a cup of's OWN cup of water.  She wants them each to have their own " vase" - haha.


She's used so many cups, there aren't any left for our drinks! 


Ah, well - it's a good use of a cup, a glass...and a sippy cup (or four)!  ;-)


The End!


mum2abby said...

I love all the roses!!!!!! Ginger is adorable :)

Kim said...

Those roses are beautiful! I love how they all have their own vase:)