Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Little Things!


The girls are always drawing, always creating, and always making ART.  I always make sure to leave plenty of paper and crayons, colored pencils, pens, scissors, glue, and markers out for them to find.

I often get surprised by finding their "art" all over the house - sometimes in the most unlikely places.  Haha.  It's also how we sometimes end up with "decorated" walls and furniture.  Oh well.  It's a trade-off I'm willing to make in the name of creativity!

I found the above drawing this morning on the cover of Paprika's "portfolio" - it's basically a three ring binder where she puts her favorite drawings.  Blue is Paprika's favorite color and pink is Ginger's favorite color - so you can tell them apart based on their hair color in the drawing.  Haha!

I also found this poem Paprika wrote awhile ago.  It goes like this:

You make
You make wind
go go go and
you make excellent
food factories, too.


That poem is so Paprika.  I just love it!

We have a lovely family friend who sends Ginger her daughter's hand-me-downs (I feel weird even calling them hand-me-downs because they're all so beautiful).

Anyhoo- whenever Ginger receives a package, she is so happy and feels so special.  She's so appreciative to have something special just for her. One of Ginger's love languages is clothes.   Haha.  So anyway - this picture below is Ginger moments after receiving a new frock in the mail.  :-)  Happy Girl!


It's obviously not just about the clothes.   I've been really working on making Ginger feel that extra love and to affirm her in her own, unique way - so love tokens and symbols of affection go a long way with her.  It makes me happy to see her happy!  :-)

In other news, it's Butterfly Season in our house right now!  We sent away for caterpillars and got ten fat ones back in the mail.

Here they are last week in Paprika's office.  They had to live in the office because the door locks and I had to keep them safe from Toddler Violet!  (Yes, Toddler Violet!)

They have each since formed their chyrsallis, and now are emerging as butterflies!  Yee-haw!   The girls are very excited, but I am not sure Ginger will ever be able to let them go.  Eeek!


Speaking of Ginger - here she is with her Best Doggie.  They kinda love each other...  ;-)


Family portrait by Paprika (hanging on the fridge, of course!):


And the COUNTDOWN is on to the Season Finale of Dancing With The Stars.  I can't wait to see this guy more often - although I am grateful for a job he loves and the many hours of work he does to pay dem bills...

I have to say that the sweetest things in the world are moments like this one...which only happen when he's home!  Ha!


The End!


Mimi said...

Please take pics of the butterflies when the hatch (? not sure if that's the right word??)
sisters are magic! love their little poems and drawings

Kim said...

I was just thinking about getting some butterflies! We have an ant farm right now and I think I can only handle one animal farm at a time:) I love Papikas drawings!