Saturday, September 1, 2012

To The Motherland!


Baby Violet's first trip on an airplane! She was excited! :-) I was white-knuckling it a little, but I figured that all I had to do was get through the next six hours and it would be over. We met some great people on the plane (I always do!)- and it was actually kinda know, in retrospect. ;-)


Violet was excited to see her Grandpa and Nana Nancy. She hadn't seen them in nine months, which was kind of a long time ago to her. Ha!


Me and my baby brother, Robbie. Except he isn't such a baby anymore. And he's a foot taller than me. How did that happen?! Violet pretty much only slept in the Ergo the whole trip. So, I basically carried her around all the time. Which might explain why I ate like a linebacker and still managed to lose weight. :-)


Uncle Robbie hard at work. His work looked so fun, I kinda wanted a job there:


Of course, I had to see Ann, my sister from another mister...and another mother. Details, details! ;-)


Here we are 18 years ago. I don't think we've changed a bit! Ha!


I was super excited Auntie Ann got to meet her newest neice. I think the feeling was mutual:


Uncle Robbie is driving now, and I got to meet his wheels! :-)


Grandpa holding his newest neice. She was smitten with her Grandpa:


And, of course, the big highlight of the trip was spending time with the Grand Matriarch of the Grandma and Violet's Great Grandma (we call her Mimi)! I loved seeing these two Grandma is soooo very special to me:


After too short a trip, it was time to say goodbye. Violet was all smiles (and wiggles) on the ride home. She didn't sleep a wink on the plane - of course. I ended up having an amazing conversation for six hours with a lady on the plane - so the ride went by lickety split...and then we were home!


And so, after not sleeping hardly a wink in Indiana, someone was ready to rest! :-)


The End.

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