Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten!


You know, I may have mentioned it...but Paprika started Kindergarten last week! ;-) She was soooo excited. Here she is on the very first day of school. She was up early and ready to go about three hours before school started.

Here's what we looked like at drop-off that first day! Everyone thinks I own a double baby carrier, but it's just two carriers - one on back, one on front. I thought I would be more emotional on the first day of school, but since Paprika did transitional kindergarten last year, I kinda felt like a seasoned pro.

Paprika was a little nervous. Excited, but nervous:


And then, of course, the next day we switched schools! I spent all summer (and the year before) preparing Paprika for Kindergarten at that other school, only to change on her at the last minute. Doh! But as I said, it really was for the best and she loves her new school. Here she is on the way to her new school: Kindergarten, Day 1 Take 2!


One awesome thing about her new school is that it is three blocks to the beach. So, every day (so far) afterschool, we've gone to the beach as a little reward for a day well done. Before you know it, I'll be sending her to school in her swimsuit. I could get used to this! ;-)


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Mimi said...

Poor little Ginger looks so sad in the 2nd photo, I think she's missing her big sis.
Finding the right class (and school) is so important, glad you did it!

noswimmers said...

How is this possible? She will always be three in my mind. :)