Thursday, September 13, 2012

Two Half Mermaids!


This week, Paprika started on Racing Swim Team (what she calls the swim team), and Ginger started private swim lessons 4 days/week. The lessons meet at the same time as the swim team, so it works out great for all of us! Violet hangs out with me during the lessons, and the big girls both get time in the pool.

Of course, Paprika had to tell Ginger all about how fun it would be and give her the lay of the land...errr, water:


Ginger is so excited to have something of her own to do, and the fact that it is one on one makes all the difference in the world. Remember how she refused to do group lessons this summer? Well, as soon as she found out that she had a teacher all to herself this time, she was ecstatic about getting in the pool. She's been practicing at home in the bathtub. ;-)

Ginger has the same teacher Paprika had - I requested him specifically - so I think that made her even more excited about the prospect. All Ginger wants is to feel special, and I think she really does! By the second lesson, she was refusing to get out of the pool and telling her teacher that she's half mermaid. Hmmmm...I wonder where she got that from? That's what Paprika always says. Ha!


So far, it's going great! Mondays are a little bit of a logistical challenge because Paprika has school, swimming, and piano lesson. Boom, boom, boom! But to get the piano teacher we wanted (the one who does not surf the internet during the lesson), we had to take a Monday spot. So, that day is a little tricky.

But, the rest of the days (Tues/Wed/Thurs) have been more low-key. We pick Paprika up from school, come home for a quick snack and wardrobe change, and then it's pool-time. :-)

I am soooo happy Ginger loves swimming. Learning to swim is one of those non-negotiable things, as far as I'm concerned (and living in Southern California where it's beach season year-round makes it that much more important).

Looks like I'll be buying swimsuits for the forseeable future...and that's a good thing!


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