Friday, September 28, 2012

Disneyland Day!


On Wednesday, Paprika had the day off school for Yom Kippur. Since we're not Jewish, it seemed like a great day for Disneyland! We thought it might be a little crowded, but we had no idea HOW crowded it would be.

Every school district in Los Angeles was off for the day, so it seems like every other non-Jew had the same idea. We pulled up to Disneyland and there was an enormous line just to get into the parking lot. Oh boy!

But, we made it. First stop was our brick. We always say hi as we walk into the park:


Then we went to the Pirates of the Carribean ride. Ginger was excited about it, then she got scared when we were waiting in line. Here is her "I don't think I want to do this" face:


I'm happy to say that once she was on the ride, she loved it and asked to go back again! Haha. They had a little Fall-themed petting zoo. The girls got to pet this horse. He is one of the horses that pulls the horse-drawn carriages down Main Street:


The little goat arena was practically empty. Ginger was so sweet with the goats. She wanted to pet them all.


Paprika loves to pet goats...even to this day. Remember this trip to pet the goats?! I won't ever forget it. ;-)


Ginger had to pet just about every goat in the place. But, when it was time to go...the girls were fine with leaving. I was so glad I didn't spend six hours petting goats (although that wouldn't have been so bad either, I guess).


Violet had her first ride on the Carousel by herself. I've always sat on the horse with her before, but this time, I decided she was big enough to ride. She was so excited. Then the horse got going, and the combination of the horse jumping (going up and down) while the Carousel was spinning was just a little confusing and too much for her. She looked at me like she was scared and then started to cry. So, I had her down from there in about 2 seconds and I held her the rest of the ride. She let out a big sigh of relief. I guess she IS only 10 months. Let's not rush things!


Even though it was crowded, we still were able to go on all the rides we wanted.  Next up, we rode It's A Small World. I snapped a pic with my cellphone, just before it ran out of batteries!

small world

So, right after I took that picture, my phone completely ran out of batteries. I forgot to charge it before we left. So...long story short, that made things much more complicated because I had no way to communicate with Mr. M.

Violet fell asleep in the Ergo, so I wanted to find a quiet place to hold her while she napped...but then how would I find Mr. M and the big girls again? Also, there are some rides that Violet is too little to ride on, so while Mr. M and the big girls would go wait in line (20-30 minute wait)- I would have to find something else to do.

It became kind of a Where's Waldo for me because I would time how long they were in line, then go to the exit and wait for them...and try my best to pick them out of the crowd of hundreds (thousands?) of people! It was kinda stressful and from now on, I will never forget to charge my phone before a trip like this! (Okay, I probably will forget- but I will try not to!)

Paprika wearing my sunglasses:


The girls have never been big on "Character Encounters" - but this trip, Paprika really wanted to meet some of the characters we saw. So (even though we were soooo hungry for lunch), we waited in line to see Merida.

It was awesome and worth the wait. She played a little game with the girls of Peekaboo with the Bears, and overall, I was just so impressed. You can see how excited Paprika was by that big smile on her face. She can't stop talking about meeting Merida. I think we know who Paprika wants to be for Halloween! ;-)


They had a cool little bow and arrow station where you could practice archery. Even Mr. M got a turn!


Paprika and Ginger LOVE Chip and Dale. Actually, I think Ginger likes them best of all. She is always wanting to watch their old cartoons on YouTube and in general just can't get enough of them.

She was so excited to meet them. We waited in line, but at the last second, Ginger got too shy and hid behind Mr. M and wouldn't come out. So, Paprika went and met them by herself. Again, can you see how happy she is? She said next time she wants to bring an autograph book to get their autographs.


Then we headed over to Calfornia Adventure. Here we are on the caterpillar ride. I got to ride with the big girls while Mr. M watched Violet.


After that, we rode Monster's Inc. and then went home! Mr. M had to work that night, so we just made the day of it. We ran into one of Paprika's friends from her class last year - and then we found out after we got home that a BUNCH of people we know were also there that day.  About six kids from her current class, as well as kids she knows from preschool.

I would say I'm surprised...but then, I do think half of Los Angeles was at Disneyland on Wednesday. Even a crowded day at Disneyland is still a good day, and the crazy thing is - I don't think the kids even notice the crowds. Just us parents! ;-)

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Susanne said...

If it makes you feel better I think there is something about Disneyland that drains your battery. I have had to stand in the bathroom to charge my phone so I would be able to keep track and meet up with people.