Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Knights and Ladies!


Even though my birthday was Friday, we kept the celebrations going all weekend.

Saturday, we went up to Montecito to celebrate the 8th birthday of our friend's son. The theme of the party was "Knights and Ladies" - so everything was medieval!

They had a lady there giving archery lessons. Paprika learned a thing or two about shooting a bow and arrow. It reminded me of all the times I shot a bow and arrow with my dad when I was little.

Of course if you have a Medieval Party, there has to be a fire breathing dragon. Well, since it was a kid's party, it was just smoke (no fire!) Still, the kids were mesmerized:


Paprika wore her princess dress that Mimi and PopPop (my Grandma and Grandpa) gave her three years ago. It still fits!

There was a guy at the party making balloon animals, and Paprika asked that he make her a French Poodle. It kind of looked like a twisted balloon to me, but I tried to use my imagination and play along. Ha!


The cake was soooo impressive to me. I think one day when I am not taking care of little ones all day long, I would love to learn how to bake. How creative is this cake? I found it just amazing. And so tasty, too (it was peanut butter and chocolate ganache). Everything on the cake was edible. The "sand" was graham crackers and brown sugar. The "rocks" were chocolate!


I held Violet for most of the party. I was a little worried that if I let her down, she would charge into the archery range, knock over the fire breathing dragon, and then launch herself into the middle of the cake. I am all about containment. Ha! ;-)


Ginger liked the bean bag toss best of all. She kept throwing the bean bags herself and then yelling things like, "Great Shot!" and "Nice Work!" - completely talking to herself the whole time. She was cracking me up!


Of course, the arts and crafts station was a big hit. The girls made crowns to wear and Ginger is still wearing her crown even to this day!


Violet liked playing in the grass. Do you see the mischief in her eyes? I do!


The girls were so exhausted after such an exciting party that Violet and Ginger slept the entire drive home (about two hours). Of course, then Ginger was up until 2am because she wasn't tired anymore (this is why she gave up naps at 18 months old)! But, I was glad for a quiet drive home. Peace!

The next day (Sunday) - we went to Rubio's for lunch. We go there pretty much every weekend, so the staff knows us and everyone is super nice to us. Mr. M is getting a few of the employees tickets to DWTS, so whenever we go in we are treated like family.

I remembered to bring the big girls drawing paper and crayons. So important!


Violet played with spoons, as is her usual custom. Always a happy girl:


Mr. M goofing around with Ginger's glasses:


Sometimes we get the food take-out and go have a picnic or go park somewhere scenic - but this time we dined in, and I am so glad we did. It was a pretty fun lunch! It got a little crazy there towards the end (as it always does):


Then, we went to the park! Ginger and Paprika wanted to play Hide and Go Seek. Mr. M and Ginger took the first turn counting:


Paprika still had her face paint on from the party the day before. She never wanted to wash her face off (ever!) so I told her I'd take a picture of it - since, you know, she would eventually have to bathe!


And on Sunday, Violet turned 10 months old! Eeek! That means we are coming up on her birthday. How the heck did that happen?! Looks like it's almost party time again. ;-)


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Devon said...

such a fun party!!!

and i love your little weekend traditions....the time you spend with your family is so precious and you enjoy each moment!!

love you all!