Monday, September 10, 2012

35 Times Around The Sun!


I feel like we've been celebrating my birthday for a week - but Friday was my real, honest-to-goodness, actual birthday. ;-) Mr. M was home during the day, so after we took Paprika to school, the rest of us went out to lunch at a little pancake house on the beach.

We have lived in this little beach town for almost three years now, and have never been to this restaurant once! It is kinda touristy and often crowded, so we kind of always say...we'll do that later. Well, I'm not getting any younger, so on Friday we just did it.

On Friday mid-day, there was hardly anyone there! We had the place to ourselves, and the best seat in the house. I am so glad we went!

This was the view from our table:


It was so weird not having Paprika with us...I really miss her when she's at school! But, none of the kids are particularly fond of going to restaurants, so when we told her later that we went, she was like: That's great! Now what are we going to do? Haha.

Ginger kept herself entertained drawing:


I ordered Ginger chocolate chip pancakes off the kid's menu as a little treat - I envisioned them to be pancakes with a few chocolate chips cooked in...well, no! It was more chocolate chips with a few pancakes hiding underneath! C'est la vie!


Violet was a doll at the restaurant (she played with spoons the whole time - her favorite thing to do)...and then we all walked down to the beach!


Violet is up for anything...even though we were there during her naptime, she was wide awake and not missing a beat:


Ginger was having a great time running up and down the boardwalk saying hi to everyone...


And goofing around...


with her daddy:


Then we came home and opened presents, cards, and flowers - all so sweet and thoughtful.


My sweet neighbor and friend made me delicious chocolate cupcakes - yum! And two friends brought me flowers (and Mr. M did, too!) I got a bunch of calls, texts, emails, and Facebook posts...all for my birthday. I was feeling the LOVE! Seriously, over the top. I felt very undeserving and so grateful all at the same time.

Paprika and Ginger each made me a sweet present when Grandma Pat was visiting a few weeks ago. So thoughtful! Thank you, Grandma Pat!!! :-)


This birthday was the best I can remember having ever. I know it's not popular to say it, but I love getting older. Every year, I feel more like myself...more comfortable in my own skin, wiser, and happier. Every year I learn something new. Every year I am growing mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Each day I wake up, I am more curious about the world and more eager to make a positive difference in the world around me.

Some days I wake up and think: I wonder what will happen next?

I love being able to see my children grow and change each day, and to get another day being married to Mr. M. It is a gift I never take for granted.

I know I am not guaranteed more than just this moment, and for that, I choose to celebrate every day. A birthday is a beautiful lucky am I, 35 years around the sun and each day is more brilliant than the last.


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Mimi said...

Happy Birthday Erika!
Glad you had such a lovely sounds divine!
Your beaches are so beautifull and so clean; it must be lovely to live so near to lovely beaches, and to have sunshine to enjoy them!
My kids are the same about eating in restaurants, they prefer to eat at home! I never would!

Memoirs of Me & Mine said...

Looks like a great birthday!

New follower:

Kim said...

Happy Birthday! It looks like a marvelous one:) Those pancakes are over the top! By the way, you look great!!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday!!!! By the way, you look amazing!!!! Just wanted to pass along a compliment....they're always nice to hear. :)