Monday, September 24, 2012

Park It and Crash!


I spent much of this past weekend going to parks, or driving around looking at parks.

 Mr. M had to work on Saturday, so I took the girls to a park by myself (or so that was the plan). But, every park that we went to was completely crowded with soccer!

 Soccer games, soccer kids, soccer parents, and soccer siblings. So, I started making drive-bys before we got out of the van, and eventually we ended up at a park and no one else was there! We had the whole place to ourselves. Score!


Ginger is big on dressing herself now. So, you may be seeing her in swimsuits, outfits that are inside out, backwards, and upside down. 


And of course, shoes on the wrong feet. But she's wearing shoes and wearing clothes, so what do I care! She has her own style, and it really does match her personality.

Here is the ensemble she came up with for yesterday! Inside out, but hey...that's fashion! ;-)


Mr. M was home on Sunday. He got up very early to go buy some window blinds on Craigslist and was in a car accident.

When he called me to tell me he'd been in an accident, I just knew.  I knew it before he said a thing.  He thought I would be mad, but I was really so happy.  Because if he was calling me, it meant that he was fine.  And, thankfully, he is fine. The other driver was also fine. The van has seen better days, but it rolls and it can be fixed.

As my dad always says, any accident you can walk away from is a good one. ;-)

So, by the time the kids got up that morning, it had already been an eventful day! We decided not to let the accident spoil our day because, well...that would be foolish. It was a gorgeous day, so we took the kids to the park. We went to one park and again, it was overrun with a soccer game. We got back in the car and went to the same park as the day before, and once again, we had the whole place to ourselves. :-)

Deja vu!


The girls had a great time playing with their daddy. They played Wicked King, and another game they made up (Hooobly Goobly, I think it was called?)


There were lots of spider webs at the park, and Paprika found this one. She declared it was the most perfect, symmetrical spiderweb she'd ever seen and asked me to take a picture so she could draw it later. Sweet little spider. ;-)


Then we decided to go to lunch, but Violet fell asleep in the car, so we drove around for about 40 minutes listening to music while she slept. When we thought the girls were just about to burst, we stopped at Rubio's, and Mr. M had lunch inside with the big girls while I stayed in the van with Violet.

Never wake a sleeping baby (if you  can help it) - that is my motto!

After that, we went home, scooped up Daisy, and took her to the dog park. The girls had a great time playing with Daisy and the other dogs at the dog park. Daisy made a "friend" named Kona.  Daisy had a great time and when we got home, she wanted to take a long nap!  I forgot my camera in the car, so this was the best I could do (Instagram):


The End!

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